World Microblading Training

World Microblading Training

What is Microblading?

Microblading is the top method in the world for achieving flawless, A-list, camera-ready eyebrows. The procedure is similar to tattooing, but is semi-permanent, only penetrating the outer layers of the skin. Individual, feather-like strokes mimic the appearance of natural eyebrows. Some people require microblading to correct damage caused by over-plucking or medical treatments. But, the vast majority of microblading clients simply want the look of amazing, flawless eyebrows. Microblading helps achieve this look, even first thing in the morning, after a swim or workout or anytime. Special training is required to successfully practice the art of microblading.

Our Training Methods

While there are a number of companies that offer microblading training, there is a big difference between training that merely demonstrates the basics and really excellent, thorough training with plenty of hands-on practice.

At World Microblading, our training methods are based on the unique technique, developed and perfected by our founder, Irina Wynn. Irina has served top clients throughout the world, from well-known Hollywood personalities to Europe’s most demanding customers. After perfecting this flawless technique, Irina went on to develop an exceptional, complete training method. Our microblading training includes pre- and post- care, skin types, color theory, pigmentation, design, care and use of tools, practice on latex and practice on live models.

World Microblading offers comprehensive training for beginners as well as an intensive, advanced training module. Upon successful completion of the training, trainees receive their World Microblading certification.

Where to get World Microblading Training?

Our microblading training classes are currently offered in major cities through North America. Over 2000 people have attended World Microblading training, often going on to have exceptionally successful careers. At World Microblading, we believe in empowering people to learn a new skill and develop a new career, so we work hard to offer training in as many locations as possible. To learn more about the current schedule, or to suggest a city where you would like to attend a World Microblading training, please call (888) 508-8303.

Is World Microblading training right for YOU?

While some of the people who attend our training classes are already licensed cosmetologists or estheticians, there is actually no pre-requisite to attend a World Microblading training course. All concepts and processes are explained carefully by our experienced training specialists. At World Microblading, we strive to make sure that every student is successful, regardless of prior experience. Can you do it? Of course, you can! World Microblading wants to help you!

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