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World Microblading Tools and Supplies

What is Microblading?

Microblading is the top method for achieving flawless, semi-permanent eyebrow makeup. Microblading uses specialized blade tools to deposit small amounts of pigment just below the skin’s surface to create semi-permanent eyebrow makeup. Top microblading artists throughout the world insist on high-quality tools and supplies to give every customer the perfect look, every time. After all, this is an expensive, semi-permanent procedure. Microblading specialists cannot afford to risk their reputations, and their clients’ looks, with poor quality tools and supplies.  

About World Microblading Tools

World Microblading offers a full range of handheld tools for holding blades and needles, as well as replacement blades and needles. Tools come in a variety of sizes and styles, to suit every preference. All of our tools have been thoroughly tested by World Microblading founder, Irina Wynn. Especially popular among our tools is our Hand Tool Holder – Double, allowing the specialist to have a needle at one end and a blade at the other end, all in the same device.

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About World Microblading Supplies

World Microblading offers a complete inventory of supplies for you and your clients.

  • If you have taken our courses and understand color theory, then you know just how important it is to use the correct pigments. Our supplies include a wide selection of pigments sets and individual pigments.
  • Creating just the right design is also important. World Microblading offers several supplies to help you, including Shaping Corrector Soft Sticks, Drawing Pencils, Disposable Sticky Rulers and Measurement Rulers.
  • Of course, you will want to be professional – and protected! Look to World Microblading for Plastic Mouth Guards, Microblading Aprons and Barrier Film.
  • And of course, you want to be sure to protect your clients too. World Microblading offers a full line of pre-treatment and post-treatment creams and care supplies.

Where to Purchase World Microblading Tools and Supplies

When you attend World Microblading training, you receive a Deluxe Kit of tools and supplies that is sufficient for your training and for your first few clients. However, you will want to be sure to continue using World Microblading tools and supplies to ensure that your work is consistent, and you have precisely what you need to successfully use the methods you have learned.

World Microblading tools and supplies are not available in stores. For your convenience shop online for quick delivery from our website, or contact one of our trained Customer Support specialists to find out what tools and supplies are right for you.

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