World Microblading Takes Brow and Lip Pigment to the Next Level

Almost any experienced microblading technician or permanent makeup artist has a few horror stories about the difficulty of maintaining pigment consistency. Is it drying out too fast? Is it the right consistency? Wouldn’t it be amazing to just focus on doing great design without having to worry about pigments?

And what about color? No two faces are exactly the same. What if you could truly customize, with ease, the colors for each and every client?

New Pigment Collections for Brow and Lip

World Microblading is pleased to announce two brand new pigment collections, especially for microblading technicians and permanent makeup artists dedicated to offering their clients an exceptional experience.

With permanent or semi-permanent makeup, it is so important to get everything just right. That is why World Microblading has dedicated extensive research to developing these special pigment collections. Our requirements in creating these new collections were ease of use for the artist and perfect color for the client, as well as products that would be safe and meet or exceed all regulatory standards.

Sugar Eyes for Brows features five pigments, ranging from light brown to mahogany to almost black. Candy Lips offers a palette of vibrant colors that work well with any skin tone.

“We have trained and certified thousands of microblading technicians and we have seen first-hand what a difference the right pigments can make in their work,” says World Microblading CEO and Founder, Irina Wynn. “Our goal is nothing less than absolute perfection!”


More About ResAP

ResAP (2008) is an internationally recognized standard. The standard includes a list of potentially harmful substances that should not be present in pigments intended for permanent makeup or tattooing as well as maximum allowable concentrations for certain impurities. Substances include:

    • Aromatic Amines that may cause cancer
    • Other know carcinogens
    • Dyes which are carcinogenic, mutagenic, have reprotoxic or may cause allergic reactions
    • Metals as Impurities
    • Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH), Benzene-a-pyrene (BaP)
    • Microbiological Test of Sterility

ResAP(2008) considers potential health risks as well as safety to the environment.

These exciting new pigment collections resist drying and do not require warmers to maintain a usable consistency. All pigments in the collections are not only beautiful, but are highly tested and safe. They pass ResAP (2008) requirements and are certified under the Chemical Technological Laboratory Database. Because Wynn insists on products that are made and tested responsibly, these pigments are 100% vegan, animal cruelty free and also free of allergens.


Sugar Eyes Pigments for Brows

This super creamy line of brow pigments is exceptionally easy to work with. The permanent makeup artist can focus on achieving perfect brows for every client, without worrying about pigments becoming too dry. The five colors in the collection were developed by top brow artists to suit every need. You can blend the colors or use different colors on different individual brows. Because you never need to worry about the texture of the pigments, you can focus 100% on designing great brows. Achieving the right shape, the right density and the right color is a snap with Sugar Eyes.


Candy Lips Pigment Collection

Because your clients want lip color that lasts forever, it is so important to give them lip color that they will love forever. Candy Lips delivers, with pigments that are pre-neutralized and are suitable for all styles and skin tones. In addition, Candy Lips pigments may be blended, allowing you to achieve the perfect, custom color.

Candy Lips has minimal drying properties. Simply shake and use. Created for perfection, any pigment in the Candy Lips collection may be used as is, or mixed to suit the client’s needs. Color matching and color correction have never been easier than with these creamy pigments. Designing luscious lips is a breeze. Permanent makeup artists will really love working with Candy Lips, and clients will love their natural looking, luscious lips, even without lipstick.


Why Great Pigments are Important

Many women, and men too, are not as confident in their appearance as they would like to be. Or, they feel good about their looks, but they want to take their appearance to the next level. In either case, altering one’s appearance every day by applying makeup is simply not convenient. And, of course, most people find that there are days when they prefer not to wear makeup at all. Also, even waterproof makeup often does not survive sports, swimming and visits to the sauna.

That’s where permanent makeup and microblading can play a big role, offering the shaping, color and polished perfection without the inconvenience of a daily morning makeup session and frequent touch-ups throughout the day. Although a well-trained technician can perform procedures, the results may be less than satisfactory without the proper pigments. Any microblading artist who uses less than the best will not experience the growth in her business nor the phenomenal returns that microblading can bring.  No marketing plan, no matter how well crafted can substitute for the word-of-mouth and repeat business from highly satisfied customers. And, it goes without saying, but there is no worse message about your business than a botched face.

World Microblading developed the new Sugar Eyes and Candy Lips collections to help permanent makeup artists and microblading technicians achieve their best and give their clients the ultimate in beauty. Our commitment to the industry doesn’t end with training, but rather is a lifelong commitment to promoting best practices and success in the brow and beauty industries. We hope you enjoy using these new collections as much as we have enjoyed developing and testing them.


Stock Up and Save

Both collections are available as either a 5 Piece Set or a 3 Piece Set and are suitable for Permanent Makeup or Microblading.  To get started, you may want to get extra supplies so you can practice and experiment. During the initial launch period, the Sugar Eyes Collection and the Candy Lips Collection are available at a special 10% discount. You can stock up, save money and even offer your clients promotional pricing.

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