World Microblading pays it forward this holiday season

Christmas is the perfect season for sharing and giving! This time of the year is so important for us to understand and reflect on the true purpose of this yuletide season. As more and more blessings come into my life and my team, I feel that I should continue paying it forward. The act of giving will really transform you in some way. Most especially, you think that you do things not just for you and your family but for a greater purpose.

This is the very reason why Christmas is one of my favorite days! This year my team and I decided to take out 10% from our sales and donate Christmas presents to less fortunate kids. After all,

Christmas is really for children! When families come together, children feel more belonged and accepted. They enjoy the care and generosity of family members and friends.

This 2019, my company, World Microblading will donate toys for over 100 kids in poverty. I chose this cause since my heart is so big on kids.

Microblading donation

I have a daughter, her name is Summer. And I will do EVERYTHING for her. I see my daughter, Summer, as my best friend. We like to do things together. Go on a scenic adventure in the park, visit and explore new places, and basically just hang out in our pajamas. I promised myself that I will provide my daughter the best life she deserves. This is why I work hard every single day. I don’t work for a 9-5 job. I handle my own schedule but it gets busy at times. Owning multi-million-dollar businesses is no joke. It’s a huge responsibility!

Christmas  Season

I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon either. I grew up poor and I will never forget Christmas as a child. We had oranges,cucumber and tomatoes for our Christmas Eve dinner. Looking back, it makes me appreciate life more now. And that is probably why I like to help for a greater cause. I know how it feels as a child. Those days are gone. I am grateful that I am able to provide for my daughter and that she can celebrate Christmas with joy and contentment. 

Christmas Eve dinner

If you’re curious how I am able to live my current life, it’s all because of a special skill. Microblading. This special skill taught me grit and determination. Through this, I learned that hard work is essential. Not just “hard work” but being consistent in “hard work”. From doing eyebrow microblading to now owning an empire of the biggest microblading academy, my daughter has always been my motivation. My microblading business used to be my bread and butter. But now, it’s my wine and steak! 

I am honestly overwhelmed with joy and I’d like to say my heartfelt “thank you” to those who have helped us raise funds for these precious kids. If you would like to help us raise more, sign-up for an 80% off Microblading class here. Use code: HELPAKIDTOGETAGIFT.

For more information, please visit www.worldmicroblading.com.

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