Microblading Courses

World Microblading Courses

What is Microblading?

Microblading is currently very popular, as more and more people realize that amazing eyebrows are key to flawless glamour. More than just a trend though, microblading is a technique that works best in the hands of a trained, experienced specialist. Microblading uses a specialized blade tool to deposit small amounts of pigment just below the skin’s surface to create semi-permanent eyebrow makeup. Microblading replaces eyebrows lost due to over-plucking or medical treatments, but also guarantees perfect eyebrows anytime, day or night, even after working out, swimming or showering. In today’s busy world, microblading is the perfect answer for those who want to be ready for anything without wasting precious time applying their makeup.  

About World Microblading Courses

Microblading specialists are in demand and can command top dollar, but only if they have mastered the technique by taking appropriate courses. Of course, almost any organization can plan interesting and fun presentations and call them microblading courses, but are they really?

At World Microblading, our courses include pre- and post- care, skin types, color theory, pigmentation, design, and care and use of tools. Our courses also include supervised practice, both on latex and live models. To make sure that those who attend our courses are completely prepared for a microblading profession, the courses even include important information about the business side of microblading, such as marketing, consent forms, client relationships and more.

Our courses are based on the work of our founder, Irina Wynn. Irina has dedicated over a decade, perfecting the method chosen by celebrities and wealthy clients throughout the world. Our courses teach this method, ensuring that our trainees know how to create a perfect, natural look for every client.

World Microblading offers several courses including beginning level courses to intensive, advanced courses. Upon successful completion of courses, trainees receive their World Microblading certification. There are also optional courses about marketing and building a microblading business.

Where are World Microblading courses held?

World Microblading is headquartered in beautiful Santa Barbara, California and attracts students from throughout the world. For your convenience, courses are held in major cities through North America. To learn more about the current schedule, or to suggest a city where you would like to attend  World Microblading courses, please call (888) 508-8303.

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Are World Microblading Courses right for YOU?

Do you want to be thoroughly prepared and certified for a career in microblading? Do you want a career that you can take with you, anywhere in the world? If you answered “Yes!” then World Microblading courses are right for you. There is no pre-requisite to attend a World Microblading beginning course. Our courses are taught by experienced, caring instructors who explain everything and are there with you every step of the way!

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