Why level up your career and be a Microblading Trainer

Michelle was one of the first students when Microblading was just starting in 2015. She is a single mom and was very young when she first started her Microblading career. She took the class in Arizona and was able to watch the company grow as well as watch herself grow in the company. Teaching is her passion. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and helping other people. Her commitment to her career as a Microblading trainer helped her to start her own business in Michigan. 

Career In Microblading

When Michelle first came to train, she did not know what to expect. Microblading was still new in the industry at that time. Nobody knew what is was and what it would be. Youth have dreams and passion as their weapons, but she has a bigger weapon, her daughter, who helped her fight against anything she has to face in this world. Her daughter was her source of inspiration and motivation to pursue this career.  She wanted to be able to give her daughter a better life. Her journey was not about dreaming of just being a Microblading trainer but dreaming of being a Microblading trainer who could change other people’s lives. It wasn’t a question of “What is your dream?”, but a question of “Why do you want to accomplish your dreams?”. 

Microblading is an artistic profession which has the power to make significant impacts on people’s lives as it increased their self-confidence, enhanced their social skills and boosted their motivation to keep on learning. Michelle was able to fulfill her dream to travel, to meet new friends, to connect with other people and to see their diversity. She realized that the role of a Microblading trainer was important to be able to teach other people her knowledge and techniques to get their business started. She has a sense of humor but strict when it comes to class because Microblading is a skill that should be taken seriously as it involves a blade in your hand and a person’s face. She does not want to compromise quality in work but also knows how to make learning fun. It is not all about hard work and dedication but finding fun and enjoying what you do.

She wanted to be an inspiration to women around the world and in the beauty industry. She thought that everybody is unique in their own way and skills can be taught and be learned. Her students who did not know how to draw before and did not have any experience are now professional Microblading technicians. She emphasized that each teacher has their own way of teaching and people learn differently. What is important for her is for her students not to feel discouraged.

It took her years to be able to get where she is right now. She is still learning and growing. It does not happen overnight. It is important to keep practicing, ask questions to other people if you do not know something and talk to people in the industry for more information. It is great to have family and friends to support and to encourage you, but motivation starts from within. It should start from believing in yourself and being able to do it on your own. 

Being a Microblading trainer took Michelle’s career to the next level – are you ready for an upgrade on your career? If your answer is YES, then, join our free training on Become a Microblading Trainer and sign-up while there are still slots left.

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