Why is it important to have a consultation first

Women are always on the lookout for options that will cut valuable minutes off their makeup routine. Admit it. Us, women, like our brows on fleek! So, we spend time penciling and shaping our brows every single day. Tattooed makeup is an option, but it doesn’t really give a natural look. The good news is, there’s another option, the best actually, and that is Microblading.

As the latest brow craze, microblading brought interest to a lot of women in this generation. But first things first, how do you actually start your microblading adventure?

It’s easy…

Get a consultation first with your salon.

Make sure your brow specialist is thorough. They should analyze your skin, look into your health and medical history, and ask pre-screening questions. Your consultation may include assessment of your lifestyle, the color of your hair, skin, eyes, and lashes.

You may also ask questions like where are their pigments manufactured and formulated? Are the pigments all-natural? Are the tools used sterile? Are materials utilized in medical-grade?

Go for the basic questions too, such as: How long would it take? When do I go back for a touch-up? What are the essential aftercare products?

Make it a point that your customer record has been updated and that information is accurate. You must have a good conversation with your brow specialist to make your procedure comfortable and smooth sailing.

Now, you’re ready!

If you are interested in pushing for a microblading career, visit www.worldmicroblading.com.

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