Why Go For A Microblading Career

Getting on the path to financial freedom could be quite tricky and risky, right? A lot of young professionals get stuck to their day jobs and chose to quit their jobs whenever they feel exhausted without backup plans! 

To help those of you who feel stuck at work and dream of becoming your own boss, we will guide you step-by-step in starting your Microblading career through a free workshop! No previous experience is necessary.

Private Eyebrow Microblading Training

What we’ll cover in this free workshop?

  • How to get started in your Microblading journey 
  • Various ways to get certified (LEARN ABOUT THE AVAILABLE OPTIONS HERE!)
  • Identify the best way in Learning Microblading (Live Workshop, Private Training or Online Training)
  • How to gain the Microblading skill without any experience or talent 
  • How much to invest in a Microblading career/business
  • Earning potential of a Microblading Artist vs Microblading Trainer
  • Next-steps after Microblading training and certification
  • How to set up your OWN BUSINESS
  • How you can create your OWN WORK SCHEDULE
  • How to budget when establishing your getting started in your business
  • Common state regulations on Microblading businesses
  • Marketing and advertising strategies to put up your business
  • Building a strong and loyal clientele

Here are a few personal reasons why you should pursue a career in Microblading:

  1. Flexible work hours 🕐: You will be able to choose and design your own schedule. You can work hard and focus while on your designated schedule and of course, you can also play hard. You can enjoy some time-off when necessary to spend more time with family.
  2. Greater sense of satisfaction 💖: You will feel fulfilled in achieving your business’ goals. You will feel highly motivated and your morale is up.
  3. Making income while making an impact 💰: It’s the pinnacle of your goals. If you want to earn and provide for yourself and your family the best future while helping others achieve the same as well, then this career promises ou a 6-figure income if and only if you combine passion with hardwork and determination.

Learn more about why you should go for a career or business in Microblading through my free training here.

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