Which microblading pigments you should use

Bid goodbye to basic brow gel, pencil, or liquid pen liner, and say hello to the best brows of your life – natural and fuller-looking eyebrows! You heard it right! Say hello to effortless eyebrows! Curious? How is it possible?

Microblading is the problem solver for people with sparse, pencil-thin, or narrow eyebrows. It is the most sophisticated way of getting the natural looking brows everyone wanted. Imagine yourself waking up every morning with perfect, smudge-free, waterproof eyebrows. That’s the beauty of microblading! It is a full eyebrow transformation procedure that takes just a few hours and lasts up to years! If you’re not yet acquainted with the technique, microblading is the semi-permanent brow technique that is quickly becoming popular and trending right now. Thanks to microblading, we no longer have to spend long hours on makeup routine.

While we all know that Microblading solves our problems, Microblading pigments are the actual secret formula in creating perfect brows. Microblading is the best way to add the pigment into the skin with the use of microblading needles. If you are not yet familiar, pigments play one of the most important roles in the entire microblading procedure. Microblading pigmentation is the process of microblading by needling and providing colors in holes to settle down producing hair strokes. These strokes appear as vivid hair-looking like original hair. While eyebrow tattooing uses tattoo ink, microblading uses specialized pigments. Rather than giving you a block of colour like tattooing, fine strokes are done by hand to create the illusion of real hairs. 

Pigments differ greatly in the way it fades over time compared to tattoo ink which often develops a blue-green colored tint. Microblading uses organic pigments and naturally fades just as if your brows are never done therefore, it allows redesigning of the brows based on the current facial feature as human faces may change due to aging. Pigments are carefully selected to match your eye color and skin tone. Choosing the right color will make you look younger and brighter. It is definitely necessary and important to know which pigments you should use.

Colour is a science but when pigment is settled under the skin, it varies according to human skin types, colour becomes an art. There are certain things you need to know when picking the type of color pigment to use.

How to match your desired brow color or pigment color with eye color and skin tone?

This is the most critical part as different people metabolize pigments differently. Choosing pigments for blonde color is quite difficult. You need to choose a pigment that matches with the hair color , eye color and skin tone whether warm or cool. If your client desires to have brows in blonde color you are able to choose any of the following shades. Generally cooled toned shades consist of ash, pearl and natural blondes and the warmed toned shade consists of Caramel, Beige, Golden and Strawberry blonde. Green or blue eyes are most suitable for the cooler shades of blonde hair color. However, if your client has hazel or brown colors, warm toned shades of blonde hair color will make your client look more young and energetic.

Another important part of picking the right pigment color for brows is the undertones of the skin. If your client has yellow undertones, use pigment with cooler tones. If your client has a lot of blue in the skin, use warmer tones.

Hyperpigmentation can happen – here’s how to prevent it.

This is something you should not worry about as this may occur at times. And using the best Microblading pain reliever and a sunscreen on brows once they have healed can help with the hyperpigmentation. 

One of the trickiest jobs is to match the pigment color with eye color and skin tone.  There are a lot and tons of colors to choose from that’s why World Microblading provides a pigment set so you can freely choose and create the best mixture to service each and every client. Since every client is different according to skin type, the above mentioned guidelines are there to help you choose and match the pigments which you think is the most suitable for your clients. 
In this blog we have described in detail how to choose the ideal microblading pigment according to skin type and eye color.

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Which microblading pigments you should use
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Which microblading pigments you should use
Bid goodbye to basic brow gel, pencil, or liquid pen liner, and say hello to the best brows of your life - natural and fuller-looking eyebrows! You heard it right! Say hello to effortless eyebrows! Curious? How is it possible? 
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