Where to find a private microblading training

As the microblading industry continues to explode, training offers can be found here and there. While many take advantage of microblading’s booming industry, not all who offer trainings are of best quality. In looking for a microblading training, it is a must to check if the school or academy has a long proven history – just like World Microblading. Typically, microblading trainings are offered as live workshops or online trainings. However, due to different learning styles private microblading training has been introduced to the beauty industry.

What is a Private Microblading Training?

  • It is suited for beginners and professional artists
  • It will tackle the fundamentals of microblading from the most basic and most crucial details about Microblading (skin structures, proper application, tool sterilization, aftercare, touch up, and more).
  • It is a one-on-one in-person training with one of World Microblading’s Master Trainers
  • It is a tailored-fit class to match the student’s preference.
  • It is offered not only in major cities but also in small cities.
Live Microblading Practicle- Microblading Training

World Microblading Private Microblading Training features:

  • Consent forms and liability release documents your clients need to sign
  • Learn Microblading techniques to meet client expectations and needs
  • Prepare treatment rooms correctly 
  • Set up microblading equipment correctly
  • Skin tones, Fitzpatrick skin color scale
  • How to differentiate the skin undertones 
  • Advanced color theory 
  • How to correct an old pink, purple, orange, grey, green, blue, etc, tattoo, neutralize or cover up
  • Saline removal techniques, how to lighten up an old tattoo 
  • Soft shading/Ombre technique combined with microstrokes using dual blade method 
  • Learn different hair stroke patterns according to ethnicity and trends
  • Draw a perfect eyebrow shape according to the customer’s features and desires
  • Correct imperfections caused by medical issues, excessive plucking, scars, etc.
  • Learn how to prevent infections
  • The different stroke patterns for men and women according to their gender
  • Watch the trainer do a complete procedure on a live model 
  • Practice on paper and latex
  • Practice on up 3 live models
Microblading Practice on Paper

Learn the Dual Blade Method pioneered by Irina Wynn and become a master in your craft. Private Microblading Training is taught by World Microblading’s Master Trainers who are personally mentored by Irina. Private Microblading Training is a solid foundation to become the next “best Microblading Artist” in your area. 

To find a Private Microblading Training, visit www.worldmicroblading.com/private-microblading-training/ .

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