What’s Next on Microblading Course Secrets (FREE TRAINING)

This second training walks you through the first steps in scaling your Microblading business. It also includes marketing and advertising strategies to get your business started, how to build a strong clientele, getting back your investment from training and more. I will share a variety of concepts and real-life experiences, which I believe you will find relevant, engaging, insightful, and for many of you, life enhancing.

Next on Microblading Course Secrets Training series is: Your Microblading Business Launch.

Here’s what I will cover in this training…

  • How to get started in your Microblading journey (THE FIRST KEY STEP)
  • Figure out if it’s worth your investment
  • Various ways to get certified (LEARN ABOUT THE AVAILABLE OPTIONS OUT THERE!)
  • Identify the best way in Learning Microblading (Live Workshop, Private Training or Online Training)
  • How to gain the Microblading skill without “talent” (Do I need to be artistic to become a Microblading artist? Do I need to be a Cosmetologist? Do I need to be an aesthetician?)
  • How much to invest in a Microblading career/business
  • Earning potential of a Microblading Artist
  • Next-steps after Microblading training and certification
  • How to set up your business in a salon, at home or a co-space
  • How to create a portfolio
  • How you can work for less than 5 days a week
  • Learn how to set up your Microblading business, get your license, get your establishment license from the health department
  • How to budget when establishing your getting started in your business
  • Common state regulations on Microblading businesses
  • Marketing and advertising strategies to put up your business
  • Building a strong and loyal clientele

What can YOU do to prepare?

Additionally, answering and reflecting on the questions below will help you prepare for the next session. We will discuss one or more of these questions throughout the training.

  1. Have you taken any Microblading trainings before or are you just planning to enroll in one?
  2. Do you have a specific career or business topic you’d like me to focus on the next webinars? List as much as you want. 🙂
  3. How do you plan to set up your career or business in Microblading (e.g part-time, full-time, put up a salon, co-space, etc.)?

Learning microblading requires a unique and highly-specialized approach (just like how distinctive the procedure is). Beauty and confidence affects how people work together, attitudes, behaviors and beliefs. That is the very reason why I established this Microblading academy… I want to see more confident people. 

My approach has a long-lasting benefit because it works from the “inside out” as opposed

to the “outside in.” This approach is called insight-based learning. Rather than trying to teach you the “do’s and don’ts,” this training creates an environment and an experience where you

can discover your potentials within yourself. 

To join the free training, sign-up here today. For more information, visit our official page at www.worldmicroblading.com.

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