What’s New and Exciting in the World of Microblading?

For centuries, women all over the world have worked to create beautiful eyebrows. In ancient Egypt, women like Queen Nefertiti arched and darkened their brows with powders made from minerals. In modern times, most of us have lived through a period when plucking or thinning brows was the height of fashionable faces. We’ve even endured waxing, threading and dying! Regardless of the time in history though, or the current style, women throughout the world strive for eyebrow perfection.

In the early 20th century, tattoo artists offered ways to permanently enhance appearance. An early example, perhaps the first, was permanent blush, applied by Sutherland MacDonald, a well-known London tattooist, in 1902. This quickly became very fashionable and even made its way across the Atlantic to the US. Since then, tattoo artists throughout the world have re-created brows, either as fashion statements, or to compensate for eyebrow loss due to surgery or over-plucking. The results were often problematic though as the eyebrows remained permanent, even as styles changed and often looked garishly fake.

Enter microblading. In just the last twenty years or so, microblading has grown in popularity throughout the world. Microblading offers a less deep, semi-permanent application of pigment, allowing for changes over time. The best artists in the world of microblading have developed special methods of using very fine strokes to simulate the appearance of individual brow hairs, giving clients a much more natural look than the stark, angular, cartoon-like eyebrow tattoos of years past.

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Currently, the world of microblading is growing rapidly. Microblading began as a celebrity beauty secret, but now the secret is out. Today, microblading is a service many people throughout the world routinely seek. The microblading artist of today is highly trained and skilled. Clients expect the best, and microblading artists must be prepared to deliver.

Reputable microblading training centers teach pain management, brow and facial shape, skin tones and pigment colors, hygiene and safety, infection prevention and after care, all in addition to familiarizing students with the tools and methods needed to create the top looks in beauty today. Training is an investment, but, a well-trained microblading artist can find work almost anywhere in the world.

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Of course, microblading is ideal for today’s styles. From Cara Delevingne to Emma Watson to Kim Kardashian, distinctive brows are in. Will styles change? Of course they will! Throughout the world and throughout history, that has always been the case. Does this mean that microblading is on its way out?

Absolutely not.

Women have always worked to shape and enhance their brows. Even as styles become less bushy and more down to earth, as beauty trend experts predict, microblading will still be the ideal way to ensure the perfect shape and color at all times. Like hair and a good haircut, eyebrow styles may change, but microblading is here to stay as the ideal way to achieve perfection whatever the style!

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