What you need to know about the best microblading tools

Eyebrows started to be a big deal in this modern world. Many are into looking for ways to shape and maintain a natural-looking eyebrow. Luckily, microblading entered the world of beauty.

Microblading is a technique used to achieve hyper-realistic hair strokes best for anyone who wants a very natural-looking brows. Nowadays, eyebrows have been top-priority making many venture into semi-permanent makeup procedures (especially microblading). But – is it for everybody? Is it the right career for you? Let’s find out.

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Microblading enhances the natural features of your eyebrows by creating a fuller brow look. Whether your brows are overplucked, patchy, or you simply want thicker brows, microblading can achieve this result naturally by using precise and tried-and-tested tools – just like World Microblading’s Brow Master 2.

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The Brow Master 2 is one of Irina’s masterpieces. This tool has been in the works for almost 3 years! It is basically a first step tool and at the same time a second step tool. A sterile, sharp and precise microblading tool. It is specially designed to create the thinnest strokes and prevent skin damage. The handle fits perfectly and securely in your hand to make hair strokes at the perfect angle – upwards or downwards.It’s perfect for creating medium to full eyebrows. Microblading has never been easy and effective until Irina’s first step process and second step on the same tool. It is a single-use, sterile tool with perfectly sized and spaced needles on a curve.

The whole Microblading process takes about 2 hours. It starts with cleaning the brows and application of numbing cream. Mapping out the shape and drawing of the outline are the first crucial steps. Then, the client’s brow points are measured to create a shape that is according to the face structure and what the client desires. While stretching the skin, the actual microblading procedure begins with light pressure. The state-of-the-art Brow Master 2 is used to fill in the brow area with pigment, creating thin and precise hair strokes. Finally, brows are wiped and cleaned. There is minimal to zero pain and discomfort. Little blood to no blood.

To learn more about World Microblading tools and supplies, check them out here.

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