What is the best Microblading pain reliever?

Tell your clients to imagine not taking the time to pick up that brow pencil every day to fill in their brows and feel more confident without makeup on. Sure, it will be worth it than an hour of discomfort, right? 

Microblading is the problem solver for people with sparse, pencil-thin, or narrow eyebrows. And it is no secret that microblading, just judging by the sound of its name, seems painful or can cause you to be nervous. However, it doesn’t have to be as painful as it sounds – if (and only if) it is done by experts in the industry such as our team of master trainers and our graduates AND with the use of 100% recommended pain reliever cream.  

dual blade microblading
 microblading using dual blade method

Many people describe Microblading as similar to a small rubber band snap or eyebrow plucking, yet, everyone’s pain tolerance still varies. Before starting the procedure, make sure to apply a generous amount of Bye Bye Pain cream on the brows area and wrap it with plastic foil to ensure it is not drying. World Microblading’s Bye Bye Pain is the best pain reliever cream and will make your clients more comfortable as it eases the pain as compared to other microblading products. 

The Bye Bye Pain goes with World Microblading’s professional starter kit and comes in handy during the training and when you do actual microblading procedure to your models or clients.

Microblading  pain reliever - bye bye pain

There is no service out there that’s just as convenient or that gives people the long-lasting, natural-looking brows they want. Microblading only takes about 2 hours and can give you brows-on-point for 12-18 months – and with the correct pain reliever to use, your client’s microblading experience will certainly be smooth and polished! Those who go for microblading will not need to pencil and shape their brows every day, that just melts off throughout the day. You can save lots of time and less hassle to hustle!

Take note that with the proper preparation and high-quality microblading products, you and your clients will have a much comfortable and excellent microblading result.

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