What are the benefits of private microblading training?

World Microblading’s Intensive Private Microblading Class is a recently launched training program which offers a 3-day, 1-on-1 training course that includes everything from the introduction of Microblading and Powder (Soft Shading) together with Saline Removal Theory, to in-depth Color Theory, to practicing on live models at our studios across the US. While the Microblading Live Workshops are good options, Private Microblading Training offers a unique 1-on-1 experience to meet your needs and learning style.

private microblading training

Here are some benefits of learning microblading through a private training:

  • Private microblading training enables the trainer to understand your (the student) needs and make the class tailored-fit to your specific requirements. If you sit in a classroom, surrounded by 5-10 other students, there is no guarantee everyone will be on the same level of comprehension. Unlike if you are mentored individually, you can easily recap topics that weren’t that clear during training — you can conveniently go back and forth on topics you liked to get more clarity with. 
  • You can focus on a topic based on your preference. For instance, you feel like you need more deep diving on the topic of soft-shading, just let your trainer know and he/she will give you a more concentrated lesson about soft-shading. 
  • It offers the ideal platform for raising questions. Some people do not take well with a group training environment, so a private class could be just what they need to ensure that they are learning what they need to. Some people are not comfortable speaking in front of an audience, so the personalized approach may work in their favor. 
  • You get trained on the same curriculum offered in Live Workshops – the only difference is that you get the trainer’s full attention.
microblading workshop

World Microblading is one of the most recognized Microblading Academy and Training Center in America. Irina Wynn, the founder of World Microblading, is a well-known Microblading artist, trainer, best-seller author and entrepreneur globally. She pioneered the Dual Blade Method and continuously advocates to help women boost their confidence and self-esteem by having natural-looking brows.

To learn more about the advantages of a Private Microblading Training, you may schedule a free consultation here.

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