V-Bright PRO® vs Plasma Fibroblast

Say goodbye to Fibroblast Training as World Microblading offers the newest and better treatment that’s not damaging to your skin. Learn the V-Bright PRO® technique online and start your biggest beauty business venture.

What is V-Bright PRO®?

V-Bright PRO® is the skin-safe approach to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with minimal pain.

V-Bright PRO® is a very delicate procedure protecting your skin. The V-Bright PRO® handy device (which gets charged via USB), sends out an arch of energy from the unit. It reacts with your skin, and a new collagen layer is created. You can use this anywhere from the face to the body and it improves fine lines and wrinkles, and uneven pigments. It’s exciting because people are looking forward to this kind of treatment that is less invasive, less trauma to the skin and has better results. It is also way more affordable than others and has minimal downtime!

V-Bright PRO Kit

Clients can return to their normal activities – showering, working out, going to work – almost immediately. The results look natural and youthful, rather than strained and fake, or worse – embarrassingly red and damaged. 

It is undeniable that as we age, skin takes a longer time to rejuvenate and V-Bright PRO® is just the right treatment everyone needs to have a more youthful and glowing skin.

What are the advantages of V-Bright PRO® Online Training over Plasma Fibroblast Online Training?

World Microblading opens the opportunity to learn the V-Bright PRO® technique online. In the comfort of your home and at your own pace, you will:

  • Learn our tried-and-tested, professional V-Bright PRO® Method
  • Learn the technique through live video demonstrations
  • Learn the science of skin and skin care
  • Learn the business of getting and keeping satisfied clients
  • Learn all you need to know to start working as a V-Bright PRO® Technician
  • Lots of activity and homework to perfect your skills
  • Earn your V-Bright PRO® Certification

And most especially, perfect your skills and make women empowered with younger and brighter looking skin!

Learn more here.

There’s no need to worry as compared to plasma fibroblast training price, V-Bright PRO® training costs will surely be a great investment that will prepare you to succeed. You can easily earn around $400/hour, without the years and expense of formal education associated with other high paying professions. Quality training is VERY important so you need to choose wisely.

Furthermore, every student will receive a free professional V-Bright PRO® Kit (a $1,500+ value) that will last you way beyond your class! So don’t worry about replenishing your product for the first month!

To learn more about the V-Bright PRO® technique, check out the V-Bright PRO® free training here.

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