Understanding the Difference Between Microblading, Microshading, Combo or Ombre

It’s time for some serious eyebrow talks. In a nutshell, you aren’t the type of woman to care about make-up, beauty trends, or even fashion styles. However, some of your friends are going crazy over the latest microblading, microshading and ombre eyebrows. As you hear some of your friends go excited about the improvements these procedures brought, you wonder, what made these eyebrow trends so different?

Are you ready to understand what makes each treatment so different? Have a read down below!

What is Microshading and Who It Is Made For?

The fundamental difference between microshading and microblading lies in the technique used. In microshading, the professional creates small dots to fill in the brow area. The effect of microshading on the lady’s face has a powder brow style. Moreover, if a client chooses microshading, the eyebrows will appear as make-up filled. It is similar to putting brow powder make-up on your eyebrows. Lastly, microshading allows a client has the option to add a gradient effect.

Microshading is perfect for ladies with over-plucked eyebrows, tattooed ones (faded), and those who have very sparse brows. Moreover, the process of microshading is best for ladies who have sensitive and oily skin. For retouches, microshading can be done every six-eight months.

What is Microblading and Who It Is Made For?

Microblading is known as a semi-permanent make-up for the eyebrows. It combines the insertion of pigments under the skin by following a gradient pattern. The result of which is an airbrushed look that makes your eyebrows look and feel natural.

As for the effect of microblading to the lady’s overall looks, one can expect the following: hair-like strokes, light and subtle finish, and brows that are natural-looking.

The process of microblading is ideal for ladies who have normal or dry skin. Also, these ladies must have not too sparse or dense brows. Clients who desire a natural-looking eyebrows lean more into the process of microblading.

Regular touch-ups for microblading happens between 3-6 months.

What is Combo and Who It Is Made For?

Is your client having a hard time choosing between the benefits of both microblading and microshading? If she is, there’s no harm in doing both! Ladies who want the dramatic and bold color of microshading can also experience the elegant subtleness of microblading.

Ladies of various skin types can experience this wonder. After all, this merges the flexibility of both procedures. For an enhanced looking brows, combo is the way to go.

What is Ombre and Who It Is Made For?

Itching to try the latest trend? Just like in the world of fancy hair colors, your eyebrows can enjoy the ombre treatment, too! What is the ombre eyebrows? It’s similar to the statement of ombre hair color.

The shades of the eyebrow from the inside is light. It will then transition into darker shades once it goes into the tip of the eyebrow. Ombre eyebrows are perfect for all skin types!

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