Microblading Tools

Top 5 Tips for Purchasing Microblading Tools

Are you ready to microblade?

  • You are trained… check!
  • You are certified… check!
  • You are licensed… check!

But, do you have the right microblading tools?

Microblading is a highly specialized procedure and having tools especially designed for this procedure is very important. Imagine trying to cut hair with hedge trimmers, or polishing fingernails with a paint brush! You simply wouldn’t, would you? Clearly, the right tools are important and microblading is no exception. Microblading is a high precision procedure and only the right tools can give you the precision you need.

Like traditional tattoos, microblading deposits pigment into the skin. But, with microblading, pigment is not deposited at the deepest layers of skin, so the result is semi-permanent, rather than permanent. A trademark of superior microblading is that there are very fine, but clearly separate, individual strokes. This mimics the appearance of real brow hairs, giving microbladed eyebrows that perfect-but-natural look.

To deposit pigments at the correct depth and to achieve the fine, hair-like strokes, you must use especially designed microblading tools. The most highly recommended tools are those designed and used by the world’s top microblading artists and trainers. In fact, the most recognized microblading artists develop tools specifically for use with their methods.

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Here are the Top 5 Tips to getting the best microblading tools:

1)     Look for microblading tools exactly like those you used when you learned. That way, you know you can get the same results as when you were trained.

2)     Look for microblading tools created by a top microblader. There really is no substitute.

3)     Remember, blades and needles must be new and sterile for each and every procedure. Be sure that for the tools you choose, you can easily find blades and needles and that they come in individually sealed packages.

4)     Plan ahead. You can bulk discounts and shipping discounts by ordering everything you may need for the next 90 days all at once. Plus, that way, you can be sure you won’t run out.

5)     Use tools that are easy to hold. You won’t want to feel clumsy as you make delicate brow strokes.

6)     Consider what tools work best for creating primary strokes and what tools work best for shading. You probably need two or more tools to get the rich, natural look that your clients will want.

While tools are very important, don’t forget about other supplies too. With your microblading tools, you will want to also order creams and serums for before and after the procedure, shaping supplies like latex sheets and rulers, protection including mouth guards and aprons and of course, a complete range of pigment colors.

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Finally keep in mind that trends change over time. As brow styles change, it is important to work with a supplier who can not only sell you microblading tools, but advise you as new tools are developed. You’ll want to keep informed about how to create the latest styles with the newest tools.

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