The truth about microblading

One of the biggest benefits of microblading is probably the fact that you can do it in the comfort of your own home. If you want more flexibility and to earn some extra cash, this business is for you.

Starting a beauty business has never been easy. Thanks to the many available resources on the web and social media platforms where you can easily advertise your services. You can utilize platforms like Facebook and Instagram to showcase your portfolio. 

Microblading Practics

People will naturally come to see you for this service because the demand is so high! Kim Kardashian, Bella Thorne, and a few others have done it. It makes sense that a lot of people will try out this latest procedure. It is popular and in-demand, which then can bring the dollars all of us want.

Microblading is the most natural approach to semi-permanent eyebrows. Some call it “eyebrow embroidery”. The procedure starts by utilizing tiny needles formed in a line at the tip of a hand-held tool. A very fine blade consisting of small needles in a row is formed, which is impregnated with ink. The very thin blade is used to deposit pigment to the epidermis in small strokes, mimicking the appearance of individual hairs. Since the color implant is closer to the skin surface, Microblading creates a much more natural and authentic look as compared to eyebrow tattoos which have a darker and bolder outcome. The microblading artist follows the natural curve of the brow, blending in the drawn strokes with the actual hairs. The results typically last 12 to 18 months.

If you want to jumpstart your microblading business, you don’t have to worry about investing too much. You can start small and end big! All you need to commence is a few basic things: 

  • Microblading Training and Certification
  • Your Local Health Department License
  • Tools and Supplies

​The total investment of all of these things will be recouped once you get started in your microblading business.

Microblading Certificate

It’s known that live workshops or in-person training can be expensive. World Microblading understands this and that is the very reason why the Online Microblading Training is offered. The online training course is designed to learn at your own pace, own time, and in the comfort of your home.  There is no class schedule to adhere to. It is trainer-led and once completed, you will receive a certification in microblading. 

In fact, anyone can get this online training for FREE. How? Just buy the Microblading Starter Kit retailed at $997 (originally $2,997). 

​You must feel confident after your training to start building your clientele. It’s essential to be equipped to see your first client after completing your microblading certification.

A Microblading Technician can treat 1 client per day (or 20 a month). That’s $16,000 (USD) in monthly revenue, minus the disposable tools (20 x $25), leaving profits of $15,500 per month before overheads and taxes. This makes Microblading the highest paid job in the Permanent Makeup industry.

The truth about microblading is that if you are passionate about it, microblading becomes something that sustains you.

Learn more about getting a Microblading certification through an online training here.

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