The SECRETS are out!

Recently, I just put together four live trainings to show you exactly how Microblading can help you build your empire and put you at the top of the beauty industry. Throughout my CEO life, one question that I constantly hear is: How do you turn your passion for creating beautiful brows into a multi-million-dollar business?

If this question only turns into many more questions, I recommend you watch my live broadcast featuring the 1 out of 4 free training.

Watch the IGTV below and discover these essential topics:

  • Learn the highest paid job and business in the beauty industry
  • Fundamentals of Microblading
  • What it takes to start Microblading
  • Learn if Microblading is the right fit for you
  • Where to get Microblading training
  • What to look for a Microblading training (agenda, curriculum, materials, proven method, right tools, etc.)
  • How to be certified in Microblading
  • Earning potential of a Microblading Artist
  • How to set-up your Microblading career/business
  • Watch a LIVE demo of Microblading
  • Essential tools needed for a Microblading procedure
  • Save money by watching the webinar

The Microblading Course Secrets free trainings will show you the key to achieving a 6-figure income. It also showcases the perfect combination needed: PASSION + MISSION. It will reveal all the secrets surrounding the highly in-demand skill in the semi-permanent makeup industry — Microblading.

Microblading Practicle Training

Here are the key take-aways for each episode – watch out for the next IGTV!

Course 1: Learn Microblading From Scratch – LIVE DEMO Included

Learn the art and take charge. In this course, you will learn what it takes to start microblading. This course lets you assess your passion and mission to be able to identify if microblading is the right fit for you.

Course 2: Your Microblading Business Launch

In this course, your key-takeaways are the essential first steps in scaling your business. It also includes marketing and advertising strategies to get your business started, how to build a strong clientele, getting back your investment from training, and many more!

Course 3: How To Get Your Microblading Business Pay For Your Bills (BONUS: Get Your First 50 Microblading Customers)

Get a deeper dive into the world of Microblading from the step-by-step procedure to a day in the life of a Microblading Artist. 

Course 4: Skyrocket Your Microblading Journey

Learn how to achieve financial freedom through a microblading career/business … in 30 days! Take charge of your career/business and own your growth and development with my uniquely and personally crafted business module.

Microblading Secrets Topic Class

This free training is for you if you want to:

  • Get this idea that’s long been in your head, out into reality
  • Get unstuck from overthinking your life & what the heck you’re going to do,
  • Move past some creative rut or a really paralyzing quarter-life crisis
  • Pivot your career (quit and start your DREAM job)
  • Start a full-time hustle/project you’re really passionate about
  • Finally, finally, for once: COMMIT to an idea and see it through

How to join us and achieve financial peace?

There are 4 available learning plans for you to make a fortune:

  • Live Workshops: This is the most-recommended learning plan as nothing beats in-person training. You’ll get to practice with a certified trainer with a professional kit. You’ll also get to interact with like-minded artists and network with your classmates.
  • Private Training: The one-on-one class is recommended for a more personalized approach. Here you will be trained by one of the Master Trainers and go through each topic comprehensively. 
  • Online Training: This is a guided online boot camp – we go through the class together! 100x more fun (and you’re more accountable). Plus, you get to learn and take the class at your own pace and in the comfort of your home. You’ll get the online training by purchasing a starter kit.
  • The Art of Microblading Book (a 160+ page PDF): The most affordable option! Recommended for those who are on a tight budget. You’ll learn goal-setting strategies, step-by-step how-to’s in marketing and advertising, and it will get you more organized about your ideas, and jumpstart your passion project.

For more information, please visit worldmicroblading.com.

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