The reason why your first touch-up should be free

Microblading, it’s the hottest trend right now. Everyone is looking for on-point brows so they can consistently look beautiful and to spend time doing more important things. Who wants some extra time, right? By now, you’ve done your research about microblading but have you considered the next step after your first session?

The follow-up appointment, usually called “touch-up” sessions come in 4-6 weeks after the initial session. It is where microblading technicians enhance your new brows and fill in any areas where the pigment may have faded or fallen during the healing process. The top layer of the skin will make the color pigment appear lighter by 30-70%. So, a microblading touch-up ensures the right color, shade, and shape stays for long and provides you with eyebrows that demand comparatively less aftercare needs.

Just like any semi- or permanent procedures, to make it last, you have to do maintenance. By simply doing this, you’ll notice long-lasting results.

Microblading is a 2-step process. The initial appointment, then a 4-6 week follow-up for filling and re-shading. It does take a few weeks for your brows to heal and for the color to fully settle into the skin. For sure, you noticed that right after your microblading session, the color was darker and brows are thicker. Don’t fret because it fades as the days go by, resulting in a softer, more desirable shade.

Your touch-up appointment should be free because it is part of the microblading package. Before getting a treatment, make sure that your salon offer it for free. However, additional touch ups will cost you some fee. Do your research first and make sure that the salon of your choice clearly indicates that their touch-up sessions are free.

Remember that touch-up appointment is the second most important part of microblading treatment. Ensuring you follow-up for the second step is a big deal. Without it, the results will not be optimal.

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