The Best Microblading Training: Why It is Important and Where to Find It

Looking Their Best with Microblading

Today, women everywhere want to look their very best. And a big part of that is perfect brows, often created by microblading. Microblading is highly in demand and the best microblading artists are able to earn on average $200 or more per hour, grossing $4000 for a 20-hour work week. If you have decided to become a microblading artist, you have made an excellent financial and career decision.

Step one, of course, is to get the training you need. Don’t worry, you can learn in just a few days, but it is super important to seek out the very best microblading training. Unfortunately, since microblading is such a hot trend right now, training organizations have popped up all over the place, but many of them are simply learn-a-little-and-have-a-fun-weekend programs at best, or complete scams at worst! So, do your homework and BE CAREFUL!

Top 12 Tips for Choosing the Best Microblading Training

Here are the Top 12 Tips for choosing the best microblading training:

  1. Check out the website. Does the organization have any kind of history? Is it based on the experience of a recognized, successful microblading artist, or does it look like someone just threw up a website overnight?
  2. Are there examples of student work, such as before and after eyebrow pictures? Are there student testimonials? A legit training organization has real, satisfied students and is excited to show off their best work!
  3. Are there staff people to talk to you? If they won’t talk to you before they get your money, imagine how you will be treated after they already have it. The best microblading training organizations are able to answer all of your questions and concerns.
  4. Does the course include everything you need to know? If you don’t see a list of topics covered in the course on the website, ask about this. How does it compare to other microblading training organizations? Does it look like you will learn client management, pain management, color theory and pigments, skin tones, brow shapes, infection prevention and after care?
  5.  Will you have the proper tools? The best microblading training organizations make sure you learn correctly right from the start, and this means using the very same high-quality tools and supplies that the pros use.
  6. Who will be your instructor? Is the instructor an experienced microblading artist, certified as a trainer? Or is it just someone who will show you a few videos, talk a little and send you on your way?
  7. Will you get to see an actual microblading demonstration on a real person? Sure, you can see a procedure by video, or get a sense of what is going on by observing microblading on latex, but there is no substitute for knowing exactly what real microblading service looks like.
  8. Will you get supervised practice on a real live person? Paper and latex are fine, for a start. Some people even use fruit. (But really, is fruit going to be your client?! I don’t think so!) Again though, there is no substitute for the real thing. Practice on live models is essential.
  9. At the end of training, will you be certified? Potential microblading clients want only the best. Certification proves that you have achieved a high standard and you know what you are doing. The best microblading training produces the best microblading artists.
  10. Is there a guarantee? Sometimes, even after getting the best microblading training, a student may feel unprepared. Perhaps there was a personal life distraction, or maybe some things didn’t make sense the first time around. Whatever the reason, you simply can’t face clients if you aren’t confident. A guarantee means you get a “do-over” for free, as space permits, in a future class.
  11. Is there ongoing support? Even after receiving the best microblading training, new microblading artists have questions. It takes time to build skills. Besides, every new client is different. Be sure to take your microblading training from an organization that can continue to support you, even after the training.
  12. Can you get the supplies you need from the same organization that trains you? Imagine learning microblading with certain tools, pigments and supplies, only to find out that you couldn’t actually get the same thing later? Would all the techniques you learned and practiced still work with inferior products? Probably not!

Want to know more? Start doing your homework today! It may take a little time, but microblading training can be the investment of a lifetime and the start of a brand new, exciting career!

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