The Best Microblading Numbing Cream

The most asked question we get about microblading is — does it hurt? Is it painful? Is pain tolerable? Now, the answer to this is very simple. If you are super nervous about getting microblading done, have no fear  —  a numbing cream on the brows to lessen any discomfort or pain during the procedure is available at World Microblading.

To help any microblading artists keep their clients as comfortable as possible and to ease the nerve-wracking feeling they have, assure them by applying a Topical Anesthetic to pre-numb and numb them throughout the procedure. If your clients have informed you during the consultation that they are very sensitive to pain, make sure to apply a good amount of the Topical Anesthetic after the first pass of strokes and then continually reapply throughout the procedure.

Buying anesthetics products online with unknown origin can be very risky. Can you imagine your doctor buying his/her supplies through Amazon without knowing the source? In addition, many products are just not effective or expired or do not have the quality of transport ingredients to make it effective. 

Best Microblading Numbing Cream

World Microblading’s Topical Anesthetic is a numbing cream/topical gel that helps to control pain and swelling during microblading procedure. It is free of tetracaine and guarantees pain relief by controlling pain, swelling, and bleeding. Microblading artists can use a generous amount of the gel on broken skin and leave on for 3-5 minutes until the area becomes white/yellow.

In reality, pain is different for every person and it is based on each individual’s pain threshold. The eyebrows are a sensitive area on the body so, even if your client thinks he/she has a high pain threshold, it still might be sensitive for him/her. 

Best Microblading Numbing Cream

To conclude, does microblading hurt or not? The answer is, it can cause discomfort or pain BUT if the microblading artist will use the recommended and proven-effective Topical Anesthetic, it definitely will just be a breeze for the client. Any discomfort or pain during the procedure will surely be worth it in the end. But still, every microblading artist should ensure to make their clients as comfortable as possible by using high-quality microblading tools and products. 

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