Should You Learn Microblading Online?

So, you want to learn microblading. You’ve looked into courses, but they seem costly or they are just too far away or the schedule is inconvenient. Maybe you have a full-time job or a family to care for, and it’s just too hard to get away. Or, maybe you want the most cost-effective way to learn.

So, you are wondering if you can learn microblading online.

The answer is, it depends.

Microblading is a hands-on skill. There are many aspects to microblading correctly, and it is best to be sure you learn and understand all of them, thoroughly. For these reasons, the preferred way to learn microblading is in person. However, it is possible to learn online.

Not all online training is the same though. A short video or a written course online is a poor substitute for live, in person training. You need to find a way to learn microblading online that is as close as possible to live training.

You should be able to:

  • See and hear explanations of all key concepts.
  • See demonstrations of all-important procedures.
  • Have access to a practice kit with real microblading tools, supplies and pigments.
  • Have an online instructor to answer your questions and view your work.
  • Test your understanding and skills.

Ironically, the best way to learn microblading online is to find a reputable organization that offers live training and see if they have online training as well. This type of organization understands to goals of good microblading training. They have a proven training method. They know what works in their live sessions and usually do a good job of replicating this online. If you learn microblading online, it won’t be exactly the same as live training, but it can come close.

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You’ll also want to see if you can earn the same certification online as someone who takes live courses. Your future clients will appreciate seeing that you are certified. No one wants to risk having a semi-permanent makeup procedure done by someone who simply watched an online video. Certification shows that your learning was supervised by a credible microblading training organization.

And you’ll want to be sure that the training organization offers support during and after the training. You need a way to get your questions answered as you continue learning and practicing, even after the training is over. The best training organizations serve as a supportive community, helping you grow and perfect your skills as a microblading artist.

An added bonus of choosing an organization that also offers live training is that should you ever decide to follow up your online training with live training, you can continue learning the same method that you started online. The best ones even offer courses for higher level skills and courses about the business and marketing side of microblading.

Microblading is a high paying profession, well worth the investment in certification and training. Even if you decide to learn microblading online, be sure to select a training organization that will teach you to do it correctly!

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