Reduce Microblading Discomfort Through This Product

“Behind every beautiful thing, there’s been some kind of pain.” – Bob Dylan

They don’t say beauty is a pain for no reason. 

Microblading starts when the microblading artist measures the brow points and creates a shape that is according to the structure of the client’s face and what he/she desires. Once the shape is finalized the microblading artist will apply a Topical Anesthetic  —  a numbing cream on the brows to lessen any discomfort or pain during the procedure. There are many different numbing creams/gels out there in the market — but keep in mind that the numbing creams/gels should be free of tetracaine just like World Microblading’s Topical Anesthetic. This product will probably make or break you and your client’s microblading experience. As this is used prior to the actual microblading procedure, it is important to ensure that you (as a microblading artist) are using a high-quality product of numbing creams/gels. If the numbing cream/gel you used is not 100% effective, it will cause pain and too much discomfort to your client (and to you as well!) 

Best Microblading Numbing Cream - Pain relief by World Microblading

After 10 to 15 minutes, the artist begins to microblade hair strokes with light pressure. The artist perfects the strokes and checks in with the client if he/she is satisfied with how it looks. Instead of using a tattoo machine,  a little hand-held tool will be utilized to manually draw hair strokes. Then, brows are set with pigment, brows wiped and clean, and voila! Perfect, natural-looking brows are born!

There’s a saying that “stay ahead of the pain” and it rings true microblading. If you do not pre-numb the client during the microblading procedure, he/she might experience anxiety or nervousness. 

In fact, Microblading has minimal to zero pain. You may feel a little discomfort but the numbing cream/gel would do the trick. The amount of pain depends on your pain tolerance, the sensitivity of your skin, and other personal factors (e.g nervousness, or first-time going through permanent makeup procedure). Most clients end up saying it doesn’t hurt as much as they first thought it to be. 

Just remember to use tried-and-tested numbing creams/gels such as World Microblading’s Topical Anesthetic.

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