Perry Belcher: LIVE at the Quarantine Convention for the Beauty Industry

Perry is an investor and marketing specialist in the direct response space. He is the founder at Wholesale Distributor, Digital Retailers Associations, co-founder at Plattr Agency, Rival Media Group, Print and Fill, DigitalMarketer and War Room Mastermind. He has a degree in Communications from the University of Kentucky. Perry is passionate about marketing, problem-solving and finance.

Perry Belcher is an investor, a marketer and an entrepreneur. Inspired by this conversation, we will learn how to run your business in a downturn. 

A lot of businesses are frozen and shut down which gives aggressive people OPPORTUNITIES. For example, Zoom grabbed this opportunity and took advantage of this crisis. They offered their services to different companies and universities. Now, a lot of meetings and online classes are held in Zoom. 

In times of crisis, whether it’s a pandemic, a natural disaster, or any challenges or changes in our lives, we always think of ways on how to SURVIVE. 

What do we do to survive?

First, we want to HOLD ON. We want to hold on to the money we have right now. We have to cut down our expenses down to the lowest possible. But aside from wanting to hold on, we also want to STOCK UP. It’s not just about stocking up food, groceries and toiletries, but we need to stock up on our great employees. We need to buy training for them because they are sold at a very low cost or sometimes even free. 

Right now, people need support groups. People are looking for leadership, for connectivity and for support. Hosting this kind of video call is very helpful and you can also use it to share tutorials on what they can do at home when they can’t go to a salon.


People who go through tragedy together are bonded together.  Get them on Zoom Call, Facebook or in any other social media channels. Help them. You can offer free video services. This may not be a great time to sell, but this is a great time to build an audience, to train, and to hone your skills.

After all this, you will be in a much better position than before. Do what you can’t do before RIGHT NOW because you have time. How you invest the time you have will determine your FUTURE.

Set your plans and BE PREPARED.

Don’t wait for things to pass. Things aren’t going to stay back the same they were. It’s absolutely going to be different. 


Don’t reduce investment for yourself and for your future. Buy equipment you’ll need in the future. Hire the great employees so that when all this comes to an end and people would rush to your salon, you are ready to accommodate them all. Invest in new things, in new skills and techniques. 

The people who prepare the quickest WIN. You will look stronger after this.

Conquer the market because that’s the way to do it and there’s no other better time to do it but NOW. Do what you can in what you have. If your competitors are not doing anything with their lives, then be the one to make the initiative to reach out to your customers and TAKE THE LEAD.

It’s the perfect time to make an action to come out victorious at the end. If you just decide to ignore it and wait until everything is back to normal again then you’ll become a loser.

You have to begin to build a case that you can cultivate and nurture so that you’ll get a client base when you come out of all this. You have to be top of mind by creating more awareness..

Show yourself what you can do. Make them remember that you exist.

It all depends on YOU and what you can do RIGHT NOW. 

Watch the replay of Perry’s talk here: https://youtu.be/q7M5U2_5Vlk

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