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Online Training

Information for all courses:

Each training will come with a starter kit. Once they will sign up, we will give them immediate access to the class. Then we will ship them a starter kit according with the module that they bought it. They can start the training right away.

  • You can use the fact that basically is the same training as they will get in real life ( based on theory ), the only thing they will not have will be supervised practice on live models
  • 1 year unlimitted Online support from our trainers
  • Get to be cerified by one of the biggest academy in the world bla bla bla*

The course is recommanded for both beginers and people with experience in Microblading or any Permanent Makeup Up experience. It contain the same theory as a physical course as theory, loads of video materials, practice on paper and artificial skin type.

Unfortunatelly you cannot practice on live models supervisd by one of our trainers, but, anythime you can join to one of our physical Advanced Classes with just paying the price difference.

The class is structured in levels, there will be an instructor reviewing your homework and we will make sure you will complete all the required tasks & fully understand the steps before you will move on to the next level.

The training will contain ALL you need to know about permanent makeup basics, skin anatomy, healing process, the correct eyebrows shaping process, different hand method tattos, colour theory, full marketing package tips and all the important informations that you will need in order to become a successful microblading practitioner.



1. Will i be able to perform microblading after this course?
— You have to understand this is not an easy thing. Is an art, a talent and we will push you to succeed. You will need to dedicate your time, be commited,focused and follow our instructor advises.
2. How long does it take for me to go through the whole course?
3. Do I need any previous experience before taking this course?
4. What do I receive when I sign up for the online course?