Microblading Online Training: Is It For Real?

What Happened

With the popularity and spike in demand for microblading services, there is also an increase in demand for LEARNING how to do it. The question is – how do you learn to do Microblading? You have two options: enroll in a live workshop or sign-up for online training. World Microblading, founded by Irina Wynn, is one of the premier providers of top-notch microblading classes. Both in-person and online training is available for aspiring microblading artists. The #1 Microblading Academy can help you achieve your dreams through learning the basics and advance of everything about this specialized procedure

What’s Happening

Due to the scarcity of time, many microblading hopefuls are unable to attain their goal of getting trained and certified.

This is the main reason why World Microblading has it all covered for all microblading passionates. World Microblading is currently offering online microblading training which comes in FREE of charge just after you purchase the Microblading Starter Kit (retails at $710 only!) This way aspiring microblading artists can achieve their goal anytime, anywhere. No more excuses! We got it all for you!

Evidence shows that online learning can be just as effective as face-to-face education. Online programs prove a more affordable option than attending live workshops. Training offered virtually is way cheaper because there are no commuting costs, and sometimes required course materials are available online at no cost. The operating expenses are not as high as in-person training. Students also take advantage of benefits such as:

  • Get trained at their convenience (own time, own pace)
  • Better concentration due to the lack of distractions
  • Students can take online training while juggling in-between jobs, or while taking time to raise a family.

With World Microblading, pass all training milestones and become fully certified, just as if you attended our in-person classes, all from the comfort of your own home.

What This Means For You

Whether you’re new to the microblading industry or you are already a skilled microblader (and just want to be refreshed on microblading curriculum), World Microblading’s Online Training is for you. You can start or expand an exciting career in this high demand field for as little as $710! You have nothing to lose, really. A complete starter kit + FREE EXCLUSIVE ONLINE TRAINING = What more can you ask for? Microblading training has never been more convenient or more affordable. 

This is what the online course covers:

  • Training Instructions with Online Access Code: Work 1-to-1 with a World Microblading Certified
  • Instructor. Get individual guidance as you learn!
  • Lifetime Support from World Microblading with access to our private online community.
  • Consent forms and liability release documents your clients need to sign
  • Undertake client consultations
  • Undertake a range of Microblading techniques to meet client expectations and needs
  • Complete treatments observing health and safety at all times
  • Prepare treatment rooms correctly
  • Set up microblading equipment correctly
  • Skin tones, Fitzpatrick skin color scale
  • How to differentiate the skin undertones
  • Advanced color theory
  • Learn hair stroke patterns according to ethnicity and trends
  • Draw a perfect eyebrow shape according to the customer’s features and desires
  • Correct imperfections caused by medical issues, excessive plucking, scars, etc.
  • Learn how to prevent infections
  • Complete all the necessary documentation for treatments
  • The different stroke patterns for men and women according to their gender
  • Manage clients throughout treatments
  • Watch online tutorial of trainer that does a complete procedure on a live model
  • Practice on paper and latex
  • Learn short- and long-term aftercare for your clients
  • Free Marketing Materials
  • Lifetime Certification

Microblading Starter Kit includes:

  • Microblading Tools: 10 First Step Tool, 10 Hand Tool Holder, 2 Shaping Correctors
  • Microblading Supplies: 10 blades, 2 pencils, 10 face masks, 1 box of 20 sticky rulers, 100 rings
  • Pigments: 1 Pigment Set (Small) 5 x 3ml
  • Creams and Serums: 1 Healing Barrier Serum 3.25 oz, 1 Cleanser Gel 120 ml, 1 Bye Bye Pain 10g, 1 Aftercare Box 10 pieces
  • Aids to Practice: 50 Latex Sheets

What You Should Do Now

  • Find a reputable Microblading training school such as World Microblading, which also offers in-person training. This way you are confident that they are experts in their craft. You know that they have proven their method in providing the best Microblading education.
  • Make sure that the instructors who will moderate the online training are fully licensed and certified.
  • Check if the online training gives you a lifetime certification same with what is offered for a live training
  • Verify if there will be online support right after the training
  • Ensure that you will be given a lifetime of continuous training
  • Counter check the module. Make sure that it is an in-depth curriculum and offers intensive learning.
  • Check what the graduates have to say. Check the reviews.

So, to answer the question, YES! Microblading Online Training is a real deal. It’s legit and you get almost the same opportunity with live workshops.

Microblading Starter Kit + Free Bonus: Microblading Online Course = $710 (originally $2997)

The retail price you now see is the cheapest that this kit and the online training will ever be. The earlier you get it, the better value you get!

Experience the reality with World Microblading’s Online Training and get started with the kit today.

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