Microblading Supplies

Not All Microblading Supplies are Created Equal!

When clients turn to you for microblading, they expect the very best. Period. This is one spa and salon service that simply can’t go wrong.

Of course, services should absolutely never go wrong, but realistically, a less than perfect massage might be forgiven, and a bad brow wax is going to grow out in a week or two. But microblading leaves lasting results, so the procedure needs to be flawless.

Sorry, but this means no skimping on inferior supplies.

So, what does a well-stocked microblading artist keep in the cupboard? Let’s have a look and then we can share some pro tips for always having the microblading supplies you need.

Creams and Serums

Successful microblading procedures start and end with the proper use of appropriate creams and serums. Every top microblading artist keeps these supplies on hand:

  • Topical anesthetic to numb the treatment area prior to the procedure
  • Anti-inflammatory to reduce pain and swelling
  • Barrier cream to protect the area right after treatment
  • After-care serums to promote healing and prevent infection

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Respected microblading artists know that brows are definitely not one-color-fits-all. Well-trained, certified microblading specialists understand skin tones and color theory and include a full spectrum of pigments in their supplies.

In addition to the pigments themselves, depending on your method, you may need a mixing cup or ring with pigment holder and you may need the appropriate pigment diluting solution.

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Brow Shaping Supplies

A number of microblading supplies contribute to achieving that perfect shaping that is the trademark of microblading.

  • Latex sheets with brow shapes
  • Drawing pencil and sharpener
  • Saline cream for error correction and old tattoo removal
  • Rulers and disposable sticky rulers
  • Specialized shaping corrector sticks to erase drawing errors

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Microblading Artist Protection Supplies

As a microblading artist, you’ll want to protect yourself from blood and other fluids, as well as keep your clothing and skin free from pigments, creams and serums. Necessary supplies include:

  • Aprons
  • Mouth guards
  • Latex gloves

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Tools and Blades

As a microblading artist, your most essential supplies are your disposable blades and the tools you use with them. It is extremely important to have fresh, sterile, disposable blades for every client. It is also important to have blades and tools designed specifically for microblading. The methods of certified microblading artists are based on using the correct tools.

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Microblading Supplies Pro Tips

  • Look for supplies used by certified microblading artists. You need supplies specifically designed for microblading.
  • Plan ahead. How many services will you do in the next 60 days? It is best to be prepared instead of waiting for a last-minute order to come in time for your next appointment.
  • Planning ahead also helps you buy in larger quantities. This often means big discounts, or at least a savings on shipping.

Still not sure what to do? Ask your microblading trainer or the organization that certified you. That way, you can be sure to have the correct microblading supplies, compatible with the best microblading methods.

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