More Haters and More $$$ – The Price of Success

Let me share with you a personal story in this blog…

I still remember the excitement I had back when I signed my first book : OMG!!! I did it!!! 🙌 This has been a BIG GOAL of mine for a long time! 📆 I remember the day like it was yesterday, July 28th 2018 – I woke up and I was a bestseller in less than 24 hours after the book launch. That’s right. I had a badass story to tell. Mainly on how to build a business and use all the obstacles you have on the way to succeed.

And I made it because of you. I know.

And, I think my story – about my life and about building a business – can help you take yourself to the next level and beyond. 🛫 You see, 15 months later, thousands of copies sold, hundreds of lives have been changed … Quite proud of it, but still a long journey till helping hundred of thousands of human being which is on my to do list till I leave this planet.

But then … you are never enough. You just can’t be or ever be for few people.

You have to…

#Believe in yourself 🙏

#Hustle 💃

#Mind your business😍

Get paid what your worth 💲

And stay on top of the game!!!


You gotta love your haters. You will never be where you are today without them.

And if I have to be transparent, I would have never gotten that far without them. They were there every single part of my journey. Do you know those ones that hate you but still follow you ? B****, you are a fan. Chill out and get some ice-cream.

Back to this picture. Even if I do not look that “appealing” for some of my fans’ standards, this pic has such a strong meaning. Signing my first book for my Dad’s birthday with a fancy pen that Dad bought for my birthday. So here is the story: My birthday was on July 1 and Dad bought me this pen. I never bought an expensive pen or ever had one till this moment. So… As you probably heard some of my past, I grew up in poverty and Dad had a modest job that he literally paid 2 months of his paycheck to afford this pen. Needless to say I had tears in my eyes when I got it.

But …I made a promise to myself. I was literally writing The Art of Microblading for the past 2 years and always postpone it or delay the launch. Dad’s birthday was approaching. So, I said to myself…

I’ll sign my first book for his birthday. I literally worked 20 hours a day the next 3 weeks and …I finally got the book ready. 24 hours later – BESTSELLER. So, you can understand that excitement on that picture. An immigrant working hard to follow the American dream, with a broken English became a bestseller author over the night.

But that didn’t come overnight ….it comes after years of sweat, work , tears and ambition to succeed. But what I am most passionate about is sharing and helping others to grow. And how YOU CAN DO IT TOO… Read the book 📚. It’s FREE (you can grab it here: www.theartofmicroblading.com) .

Despite the thousands of people that I helped prior, few days ago I got some really nasty comments:

“Jessica Kingsbury: just wanna know why nobody microbladed her hairline so her forehead doesn’t look so big!! Maddie BaineSummer Marshall Mary Beth Coker figured you guys might have some good comments on this”

“Summer Marshall: Jessica Kingsbury looks like you hit a nerve, that wasn’t very nice of you 😂😂 in all fairness the forehead looks huge in this picture, like girl didn’t have a friend to tell her that was not a flattering picture?!?!?”

“Summer Marshall: Irina Wynn so you’re just talking out your ass? Alright cool! Wait, people subscribe to this shit? Like people pay you for a book to teach them how to make money using a skill that they already paid to learn? That sounds like a rip off, you and your forehead should be ashamed of yourselves.”

Comment on a free book , that’s right , a free Book . Sounds like a pretty obvious ripoff to me , don`t you agree ? 😅 While I don’t have time to go through all the nasty comments on a picture that had in fact 467 comments, over 85 shares and over 600 likes on the past month with positive reviews…You will always have those haters want to be you. You see… I am not on the business to look appealing…This is not my tinder profile picture ( In fact could cause I feel damn confident in my own skin). This picture marks a milestone I have worked hard to achieve . And I didn’t use 5 filter apps either , because I care less to impress anyone with my physical appearance. I care about people I impact and help achieve theirs success on the industry.

“The number one question I’m asked in life is this:

How the hell have you made it so far, and with so many obstacles along the way? I’ll tell you the secret…there is no secret. You’ve got to simply let go of negativity, forgive those who have wronged you, but never forget the lessons you’ve picked up along the way. Once you’ve learned from mistakes, the next step is to move on. At the end of the day, you only live once—so think twice about whether you want to live a life of hatred and revenge, or simply walk away from trouble with a smile. You can’t change hardships, and you certainly can’t stop them from happening to you—but you can use them to your advantage. You can use negativity as fuel to propel you forward in life, but never, ever let it hold you back. I learned something from every trial and tribulation, carving out my character a little bit more, until finally, the finished product emerged: the woman I am today.”

Shoot, I have to use Quotation marks, because … I just copied a paragraph from my own book 💁‍♀️

Moral of the story: Treat your haters well.They are the reason you are where you are today.

PS: IF you don’t have haters, is not because you are nice. Is because you are not big enough.Work hard, gain some and then wait till they will pay your bills one day. And buy you a dope mansion eventually 😜

And please do excuse my crappy grammar. Is my 5th language, let’s not get crazy!

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