Good tools = great work

Every artist needs a perfectly-crafted tool. Imagine an artist painter, he needs the right canvass, brush and the best set of palette. It’s no difference with the most popular beauty trend these days. As most of us know, Microblading is an art. And with this, a microblading artist needs the best set of tools to do great work.

Blades and Needles: These two are the most important of all. Microblading uses a hand-held tool which holds the blade and needles to create thin and natural-looking strokes. Without these two, your microblading procedure won’t even start!

Microblading Tools- Needles

Pigments: To get a fuller and natural-looking brows, pigment does the magic. The colors range from white to black, giving room for the artist to make custom colors depending on what the client desires. 

Pigments- Microblading tools

Accessories: For design and precision, the artist can utilize accessories such as sticky rulers and measurement rulers to measure, drawing pencils to define the shape of the eyebrow, shaping corrector sticks and saline paste to fix any possible mistakes during the procedure.

Anesthetics & Healing Serums: To ensure safety and faster healing process, healing serums and aftercare products are vital. It is important to take precautionary measures before, during and after the procedure using this selection of products.

Did you know that World Microblading offers a COMPLETE set of microblading tools and supplies and many many more? Let’s find out what’s inside the professional kit:

  • Microblading Tools: 10 First Step Tool, 10 Hand Tool Holder, 2 Shaping Correctors
  • Microblading Supplies: 10 blades, 2 pencils, 10 face masks, 1 box of 20 sticky rulers, 100 rings
  • Pigments: 1 Pigment Set (Small) 5 x 3ml
  • Creams and Serums: 1 Healing Barrier Serum 3.25 oz, 1 Cleanser Gel 120 ml, 1 Bye Bye Pain 10g, 1 Aftercare Box 10 pieces
  • Aids to Practice: 50 Latex Sheets

If you combine all these great tools, then you are 100% set-up for your microblading business success!

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