Microblading: Machine or Hand-Tool?

Buzzing in the world of beauty trends and celebrities is the process called, microblading. We all know how this procedure raises your eyebrow game and there’s no denying the fact that ladies will do anything to have their arches perfect! If you are someone who aims to provide this kind of service to ladies everywhere, you must have the solid foundation of knowledge and practice to guide you.

In this article, we’ll be discussing how microblading by hands-on experience differs from machine application. Also, if you aim to build a career out of microblading, you can always rely on World Microblading to be your partner in business and life.

Microblading: What Is It?

A client may get scared with the thought of microblading as making cuts on their skin as to replace the strands of one’s brow. Using a medical grade blade, a microblading professional aims to create hair strokes that will make a person’s overall look, fresh and natural.

Contrary to popular belief, microblading cuts aren’t as deep as traditional eyebrow tattoo. The hand-held blade uses pigment as it cuts the upper dermis. This can only mean that the color will fade but, never discolor.

Make sure to tell your clients the differences and the pros and cons of having hand or machine procedure for microblading. This is crucial to build rapport and help your clients have an objective decision-making.

The Differences Between Hand-Tool and Machine-Operated for Microblading

Now’s the time for the nitty-gritty as we tackle the overall results and major differences of microblading with the use of hand-held tools or an operable machine.

  • Pain

Like we mentioned earlier, the sensation you get from both machine-operated and hand-held tool for microblading isn’t as severe as eyebrow tattooing. You’ll only feel light scratches on your skin. However, for professionals who use hand-held tools, she can adjust the pressure as necessary.

  • Design

When it comes to machine-operated procedure, you can pretty much expect consistent color and shading. On the other hand, microblading with the use of hand-held tools can be tricky. This is why you must build up on a solid foundation of practice and knowledge. The reason for this is so that you won’t butcher your client’s eyebrows.

  • End Result

Hand-made microblading offers natural and precise hair-like strands. On the other hand, machine-operated microblading relies on consistency that can look artificial or too-perfect for the human eyes.

However, a professional who have the knowledge and the ability to fully-use a machine can also get the result of natural-looking brows.

  • Longevity

Hand-made microblading results last up to six to twelve months. After twelve months, you need to have regular touch-ups. On the contrary, machine-operated ones last to three to five years. But, touch-ups may be required after a year.

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