Microblading Course Secrets Kickoff (FREE TRAINING!)

The World Microblading team and I have just recently wrapped up one of my most-awaited passion projects. The training titled: Microblading Course Secrets can be accessed online and at no cost (it’s absolutely free!) It will be a series of 4 episodes featuring the most important topics in Microblading.

First off is… Learn Microblading From Scratch (with a live demo). In this training, you will learn the Microblading craft – everything about this semi-permanent makeup procedure. You will also learn what it takes to start a microblading career and turn it into a successful business. This first episode lets you assess your passion and identify your mission to be able to know if microblading is the right fit for you.

Some training highlights are:

  • Learn the highest paid job and business in the beauty industry
  • Fundamentals of Microblading
  • What it takes to start Microblading
  • Learn if Microblading is the right fit for you
  • Where to get Microblading training
  • What to look for a Microblading training (agenda, curriculum, materials, proven method, right tools, etc.)
  • How to be certified in Microblading
  • Earning potential of a Microblading Artist
  • How to set-up your Microblading career/business
  • Watch a LIVE demo of Microblading
  • Essential tools needed for a Microblading procedure
  • Save money by watching the webinar

What This Means For You

Whether you’re new to the microblading industry or you are already a skilled microblader (and just want to be refreshed on microblading curriculum or the latest in the industry), this free training is highly recommended. You can start or expand an exciting career in this highly regarded industry by learning for free.

What You Should Do Now

  • Collate as many questions as possible and ask them via the webinar’s chat box
  • Check what our graduates have to say about our academy. Check the reviews.
  • Do whatever you possibly can to free your schedule. 
  • Please be present for the entire training and be on time. It’s important that everybody share the full experience together.
  • Experience rather than analyze. If you have a tendency to sit back and evaluate new situation rather than participate, we suggest you try to minimize that. The more you remove yourself from the training – analyzing what is going on – the less you will experience and the less value you will receive.
  • Respect everyone’s point of view. Openness to hearing each other’s ideas and feelings contributes directly to an open and trusting environment.
  • Please be willing to speak up during the training, my executive assistant will monitor the chat box as soon as the training starts. In particular, we encourage you to share your personal insights and learning as you get them.

It is especially important to create a positive environment even if the training is done virtually.

To join the free training, sign-up here today:  worldmicroblading.com/microblading-webinar-registration/

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