How and Why You Should Earn Your Microblading Certification

Let’s start with the bottom line. Top microblading artists make bank. Big money. At an average of $400 to $800 (or more in some markets) you can do just two services a day in a five-day work week and earn $4000 per week. Simple math: Work 50 weeks a year and earn $200,000.

That’s more than many people earn after four or more years at an expensive university and ten years on the job in some soul-sucking office. Seems like a no-brainer. Microblading certification is an investment, but it costs way less than college and you can earn it much more quickly.

So, what exactly is microblading certification?

What does it mean?

The first step to becoming a successful microblading artist is to get training. This doesn’t mean getting some tips from your cousin’s friend or watching a low budget YouTube video. It means real classroom training from a certified instructor with a respected microblading organization. This training must be thorough and include all aspects of safe and successful microblading, including client consulting and forms, pain management, infection preventions, brow and facial shapes, color theory and use of pigments, after care, practice on latex and practice on live models.

This type of training is normally developed by a team of recognized microblading experts. You learn consistent effective methods that will work well, even as styles change. Under the supervision of an experienced instructor you will learn correctly and at the end of your training, once the instructor verifies that you know what you are doing, you will receive your microblading certification.

Microblading certification shows your clients and potential clients that you have all of the necessary skills to give them beautiful, well-shaped, natural looking brows. After you earn your microblading certification, you will still need to become licensed to practice microblading in your county or state. Regulations vary by location, so be sure to check carefully. You may be licensed by the same agency that licenses estheticians or tattoo artists. Often it is a matter of paying a fee and registering. You may also need to take a simple exam, but your microblading certification training will have prepared you well.

Where should I get my microblading certification?

You will want your microblading certification to be truly meaningful. Seek out an established organization.

Here are some questions you should ask:

  • Is my microblading certification good forever, or will I need to jump through more hoops to renew it every year?
  • Does the training for certification come with a guarantee? What if I don’t feel ready after the training?
  • Does the training organization offer free support? If with microblading certification, you will have questions along the way.
  • Does the training organization offer access to the supplies I will need?
  • Besides learning about microblading, can I get advice about building my business? Are there any courses I can take about marketing and business management?

Want to learn more? Click here to learn about one of the top microblading certification organizations.

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