Award-winning microblading academy and training center. Creators of the dual blade method for perfect, natural-looking eyebrows.

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Master Trainer Irina Chen

Irina Chen

Founder of World Microblading®, CEO

Irina Chen Permanent Makeup Institute, CEO and Master Trainer

Founder of Irina Chen Microblading Academy, CEO and Master Trainer

Four Seasons Spa Oslo, CEO

Summer Beauty Studio, CEO and General Manager
Trudvangveien 6B , 0356, Oslo, Norway

I am an international permanent makeup trainer & artist. I started my career in Permanent make up in 2012 after finishing Law University. My target was always to create the thinnest strokes and the most realistic result and I developed my own tehnique called Dual Blade Method which is thought in Masterclasses worldwide. Followed by that I was always preocupied to create by using hand method the Ombre Effect and Microstroking on the same procedure.

This procedure turned to be one of the “Most wanted“ in the matter of eyebrows styling.

In 2012 I opened my first shop called Summer Beauty Studio in Oslo.

Followed by a succes, in 2014 I opened Four Seasons Spa Oslo.

In 2015 I created Irina Chen Microblading Academy and had over 50 masterclasses in the last year in countries as : USA, Australia, Canada, Romania, Norway, UK.

In 2016 I created the platform which would shortly colaborate with famous artists all over the world. International Microblading trainer she is offering Basic 3 day, Intensive 5 days classes and Advanced 6 days classes which includes advanced skills as Soft Ombre Effect by hand method, How to correct failed old tattoos and even how to use the Saline Removal method for unwanted tattoos.