Elin Anki

“When you do what you love; you inspire yourself and awaken the hearts of others.”

From a young age, I knew that beauty was more than just skin-deep. Right out of high school I became a cosmetologist to help guide people in the expression of their beauty both inside and out! I always enjoyed doing hair, threading brows and painting nails, but I don’t think I’d ever felt a true passion for the artistry and design of cosmetic work until the day that I found Microblading. This passion quickly turned into an obsession for creating the most life like, realistic looking brows possible for my clients, and I want to teach you how to do the same for yours! As an artist and instructor, my goal is to teach you the World Microblading techniques that will compliment & enhance the natural appeal of each pair of uniquely beautiful brows we create.

As your instructor, my hopes are that you’ll find pride and satisfaction in learning to perform a procedure that’s helping women everywhere feel better about their self-image and allows them to have the confidence to take control of their beauty once again. Remembering that each face is already equipped with its own unique design, the changes I make as an artist do not fundamentally alter the underlying beauty that a client possesses, but instead complements the gorgeous individual that’s been beneath the brow the entire time. Above all else, I want my students to thrive and be recognized for their own unique talents in this business.