Athrina Juman

Athrina Juman has experience in being her own boss and independently building her business, Imperial Complexions. As a certified makeup artist and World Microblading certified technician she offers clients an array of services, including microblading, eyelash and eyebrow services and creates various beauty and makeup looks for weddings, photography and magazine shoots. Her work was featured in WedLuxe Magazine in 2017.

Athrina was also a makeup artist and product specialist for M·A·C Cosmetics for 7 years. In 2016, she was selected as 1 of 3 Canadian winners in the Selena Quintanilla Creative Artwork competition with the opportunity to represent her retail store location and attended The M·A·C Selena World Premiere, which took place in Corpus Christi, Texas in October 2016.

As a microblading artist, Athrina upholds high courtesy and customer service standards for every client. Not each client is the same, and living in a multicultural city, Athrina has worked with a diverse lineup of clients. Athrina sees that every client she works with provides her with a new canvas. Her attention to detail, passion for her craft and professional, yet natural, rapport with clients sets her as a leader in the industry.

Being a World Microblading Academy student herself before becoming a World Microblading technician years back and an established World Microblading trainer in 2017, Athrina knows what the journey is like. As a student, fear of the unknown will eventually morph into confidence. Being dedicated to practicing your craft, your attention to detail, learning techniques to anticipate client experiences and pushing through with passion are all habits of a successful microblading artist.

As an instructor, she’s worked with hundreds of students across various cities and markets. She has provided educational support in the form of practical techniques, client communication experience and real-world actuality to her students along the way. She is well-skilled in client management, while providing optimal results and satisfaction.

“I’ll be right there with you along this exciting journey. So let’s create great work, and memories.”