Manny Lopez: LIVE at the Quarantine Convention for the Beauty Industry

He is the creator of “Network of Influence” and the CEO and Founder at Learn with Manny. He is also a Universal Smart App Developer. His company enables businesses to be in front of entrepreneurs looking for services. Learn with Manny is an industry-exclusive membership of everything business.

Manny discusses sales processes on how to get people to know who you are and spend your money on your business. 8 out of 10 of your customers will get in contact with 5 to 12 other customers. And out of these 100 customers you were able to reach out, only 2 will come back to you. By the time you reach out to them, only 3 will repeat business, and by the time you reach out to them, only 5 will come back.

First thing you need to do is TEACH by answering the questions WHAT, WHY AND HOW:

  • What is the question?
  • Why is it important to them to know it?
  • How would you answer that through actual experience?

Start asking what the customers are asking you, and what they should be asking you but are not. So all those questions they have, answer them in 2-3 minute short videos. Create first-hand experience by showing it or telling it. You can post these videos on YouTube because it is free.

Think of YouTube as your book. Your playlists are the chapters of your book – so, you can get a playlist of topics you want to position yourself or to be known for. Let people know what you do really well. Know how to position yourself and HIGHLIGHT IT. Have a differentiating factor to make people know that you are an expert in this field or industry. 

If you give these contents for free, people would know that you are expert at it. That itself is already powerful. 

You capture the leaders; you capture the market. Find people who are influential to the market you want to reach. Now you just have to focus on getting that person satisfied with your products or services. You can go to these leaders of the industries and leverage on these relationships. Make them happy and show them what you can do. And what they need to do is to just share it to the people. All you need to do is capture this opportunity. Set a specific or target market and a specific timeline. 

Data will be an important factor. You need to know how to capture that data. Email campaigns are not that really working anymore. The first thing you need to do without wasting too much effort is connect with them by getting their cellphone numbers. Once you capture that data, you can use a system like text magic or automated text messaging system which automatically responds and arranges people in groups. You can send one message and reach thousands of people and have the ability to reach more people with your message. They are going to see and read it. They have an opt out option so you are not spamming anyone. SMS messages are great because they’re short and get straight to the point. Building and focusing on data, having a mobile strategy first is very vital in the beauty industry. You have to be precise and give meaningful content. And remember that it’s all about the quality not the quantity. 
Watch the replay of Manny’s talk here: https://youtu.be/lYmDKeOmJV0

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