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Lips Tattoo Training in Las Vegas, Nevada

Limited Spots Available!

These graduates just learned how to add

over $10,000 to their monthly income by

learning the art of PROFESSIONAL LIP


And now we’d like to teach YOU

in just three days!

ONE TIME OPPORTUNITY! America’s #1 Permanent Cosmetic University, World Microblading Training Academy, is coming to your city!

And we’re teaching a very limited number of students how to add over $10,000 to their monthly income by taking our 3-day certification course in the detailed art of lip pigmentation.

Yes, YOU can earn

$10,000 per month!

That figure isn’t just real… it’s LOW!

As a certified lip tattoo artist, you can charge your clients up to $600 per session.

That means you if you only had 17 clients per month (less than one a day!) you’d already be over $10,000.

And when you add in $200 for second visits and $350 for yearly touchups, you can truly start to see the massive income potential this highly sought-after skill demands.

You can work as little or as much as you want… the only limit is the size of your ambition!

Imagine, learning a skill that lets you…

  • Be your own boss…
  • Set your own hours…
  • Take control of your finances…
  • Stop living pay check to pay check…
  • Pay off your debt…

That’s the reality for an exclusive number of permanent lip tattoo artists currently working as we speak.

And it’s our goal at World Microblading Training Academy, to make sure you’re fully prepared to join their ranks as soon as possible!

So you can…

Get Trained,

Get Certified and

Get In On the Ground Floor

of one of America’s fastest growing

money-making opportunities…

Ever since Kyle Jenner made full, pouty lips the “it look” for a generation of young women…

The art of lip-tattooing has sky-rocketed in popularity.

Now you can hardly turn a page in Cosmo, Elle or Harper’s Bazar without seeing an article about this in-demand procedure …

This is your chance to tap into that growing demand and become one of a small but growing number of pioneers in the permanent cosmetics industry.

This is your chance to learn from, work beside and network with some of the industry leaders in this exclusive community.

It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to pursue a profession you’re passionate about while at the same time profiting beyond your wildest imagination.

But it’s not just about the money…

It’s about empowerment.

As current practitioners will tell you… There’s nothing more rewarding than inspiring women of all ages and backgrounds with a renewed sense of confidence and beauty–all because you’ve given them the perfect, natural-looking lips they’ve been dreaming about forever.

And if you’re questioning whether you really have the talent to do all this (which many first-time students do)… Please don’t because…

Absolutely no experience is necessary

to become a certified lip tattoo artist.

We’ll teach you everything you need

to know in just 3 days!

Whether you’re a permanent makeup artist looking to add to your list of services, a tattoo artist or complete and total newcomer… our class is perfect for you.

Our courses are designed to let you learn at your own pace and receive the personalized attention you need to feel completely comfortable.

After our immersive, three day training… you’ll walk away with the confidence, skills and expertise needed to start taking on clients immediately.

In fact, graduates of World Microblading Training Academy are some of the most sought-after talent in the permanent cosmetic industry.

Why? Because…

You’ll be learning directly from America’s

top lip tattoo artists

World Microblading Training Academy is the #1 permanent cosmetic training center in America…

And was founded by one of the world’s most recognized permanent makeup artists in the industry… Irina Chen.

Irina is one of the leading innovators in the field of permanent cosmetics.

She has decades of hands-on experience in not only helping women obtain the gorgeous, natural beauty they desire…

But also giving thousands of students around the world the skills necessary to pursue their own careers in the field.

So you’ll have full confidence knowing each and every one of our lip tattoo trainers was handpicked by Irina… specifically because of their superior skill level and teaching ability.


What Our Students Say


World Microblading Academy graduates

are some of the most sought-after

in the industry…

1. Practice On Live Models!

Women looking to enhance their appearance through permanent cosmetics do their research and a certificate from World Microblading Academy puts you at the top of the pack.

One of the main aspects that sets us apart from our competitors is the ability to practice on one live model.

Believe it or not, some fly-by-night training programs in the market sometimes have their students practice on melons!

But by the time you have your World Microblading Academy certificate in hand, you’ll have the expertise that only comes with honing your skills on live models.

In fact, the third day of training is devoted almost entirely to practicing what you’ve learned on live, in-person participants!

2. Learn Procedure Correction!

Choosing to have a permanent cosmetic procedure can be a big decision for anyone…

That’s why women feel secure knowing all World Microblading Academy graduates have been trained in the technique of failed procedure correction.

We’ll teach you the ins and outs of correcting any mistakes so your clients can walk away with the beautiful, flawless lips they desire.

This is a skill you’ll be hard pressed to find in any other permanent cosmetic training programs.

3. After Class Support with Before-After photos!

Most lip tattooing programs send you on your way with nothing to show for your time…

But with World Microblading Academy you’ll leave with not only our highly sought-after graduation certificate… but also before-after photos of your classroom sessions with live models!

So you’ll hit the ground running with a portfolio of your work ready to show any potential clients!

4. Unlimited Lifetime support!

Graduation is not the end!

As a graduate of World Microblading Academy you’ll have exclusive, lifetime online access to Irina Chen and our team of master trainers.

So you can…

  • Consult about clients…
  • Get tips on technique, color and style…
  • Ask advice on marketing your services and expanding your client base…
  • Get answers from our professionals within 48 hours!

5. Satisfaction Guarantee!

We truly want you to walk away with the confidence and skills necessary to satisfy your clients…

After all, your work is a reflection on us.

That’s why if you don’t feel ready to start seeing clients at the end of our 3-day training course for any reason… We’ll allow you to retake the class again absolutely FREE OF CHARGE!

This offer is absolutely unique in the industry… and it’s also another reason our graduates are so in-demand. They’re ready to go on DAY ONE!

But don’t take it from me… here’s just a small sampling of what graduates from some of our various classes have to say!

A word from our satisfied graduates!

“I feel educated, well informed, equipped, prepared.”

“This course was a great experience for me! I would absolutely recommend the class, 110%, because it is definitely worth your money and you will feel like a pro.”

“The instructor was amazing, she was very patience, very detailed, she made us feel at ease, comfortable asking any questions. She was always there to help right away.”

As a student of World Microblading Academy there’s one thing I can guarantee you…

You will be confident, prepared and 100% ready to start taking on clients by the time you receive your certificate.

In fact, the number one rule instilled in our trainers is three words… NEVER GIVE UP.

Your trainer won’t quit until they’re 100% sure that you and every one of your classmates are confident in your abilities.

Again, your work is a reflection on us… So we want you to be perfect and we won’t quit until you are.

All you need to do to start your new life as a certified lip tattoo artist is click on the “apply now” button below. But you need to act fast because…

There are currently only

12 spots available!

Reserve your spot now!

In order to give you the kind of hands-on, personal attention you deserve… our classes are strictly limited to only 12 students per instructor.

Because of the small class size and high demand for World Microblading Academy courses, it can be extremely difficult to secure a place in our classes.

Please click below right now in order to reserve your spot.

3-Day Immersive Training Session

  • Learn from Irina Chen’s hand-picked professionals
  • Practice on 1 Live Model
  • Get certified by World Microblading Academy
  • Small class size
  • Lots of personal attention
  • FREE Professional Lip Tattoo Kit($1,000 value)
  • Unlimited Lifetime Support
  • No previous experience necessary
  • Start working as a lip tattoo Artist immediately after class

Remember, your enrollment today is virtually risk free!

If you don’t feel 100% confident

after our 3 day course…

We’ll teach you again FREE!

We talked about this earlier but it bears repeating as no other permanent cosmetic program offers this.

We want you to be ready to take on clients and start earning that $10,000 per month as soon as we hand you your certificate.

That’s why we provide the following guarantee to help ensure: Total Customer Satisfaction.

We feel that the best way to build a long lasting relationship with our students is by partnering with them to help achieve their career objectives through quality service and support.

By offering intensive training in Lip Tattooing, including theory, supervised practice and homework assignments, we are certain that our class is so comprehensive that you will be ready to start your career in Lip Tattooing by the end of class. However, if you register for our Lip Tattooing Class, attend every session and don’t feel ready to take on customers, you can take our next class, on a space available basis, absolutely free!

All you need to do is click the “apply now” button now to start your brand new career.

And when you do, there’s one more surprise!

When you apply right now, you’ll also

receive this FREE lip tattooing

professional kit!

On your first day of class you’ll receive this kit filled with practically everything you’ll need to start your career as a lip tattoo artist.

This professional kit has a value of $1,000 but when you enroll right now, you’ll receive it FREE OF CHARGE!

But you need to hurry.

There are only 12 spots available and they’re filling up RIGHT NOW.

Remember, as a certified lip tattoo artist you stand to make more than $10,000 per month…

So this course is really just a small investment in your future earning potential.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed…

You’ll receive lifetime support from our staff…

You’ll receive a free kit (valued at $1,000!) including everything you need to get started…

And you’ll be taught by some of the most in-demand professionals in the industry.

All you need to do is click the “apply now” button to reserve your exclusive spot and start your new future.

Best regards,

Irina Chen


World Microblading Academy

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