Learning microblading online

Microblading is about building a career or a business out of doing something that you’re passionate about — something that you love. And mind you, just because it’s something you love doing, doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy breezy.

To be a microblading artist, it will require you to invest in a good education. We all are busy in our daily lives and no matter how much we want to invest in our skills, we just can’t – because of TIME. That’s the very reason why we at World Microblading came up with our Online Microblading Training.

Online Microblading Training.

Ashly Moore, Online Microblading Training graduate

If you want to discover/improve your skills through experience we made the course available in the comfort of your home, your own time, your own pace. No need to take a day off from work or travel in a different place.

World Microblading’s Online Microblading Training will teach you:

  • Consent forms and liability release documents your clients need to sign
  • Undertake client consultations
  • Undertake a range of Microblading techniques to meet client expectations and needs
  • Complete treatments observing health and safety at all times
  • Prepare treatment rooms correctly
  • Set up microblading equipment correctly
  • Skin tones, Fitzpatrick skin color scale
  • How to differentiate the skin undertones
  • Advanced color theory
  • Learn hair stroke patterns according to ethnicity and trends
  • Draw perfect eyebrows shape according to the customer’s features and desires
  • Correct imperfections caused by medical issues, excessive plucking, scars, etc.
  • Learn how to prevent infections
  • Complete all the necessary documentation for treatments
  • The different stroke patterns for men and women according to their gender
  • Manage clients throughout treatments
  • Watch online tutorial of trainer that does a complete procedure on a live model
  • Practice on paper and latex
  • Learn short- and long-term aftercare for your clients
Online Microblading Training.

Work by Ashly Moore, online microblading graduate

To add more to this good news, the Online Microblading Training is FREE all you have to do is purchase the Microblading Starter Kit available for $997 (originally $2997).

If you are up for the Online Microblading Training and are excited to be officially certified, visit our page and learn microblading at your own convenience. 

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