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Learning this newest beauty treatment will let you become the best anti-aging technician in your area. It will also help you increase your increame, be independent and build your own business. There is no previous experience necessary. Whether you are a beautician, a permanent make up artist or a complete beginner in the beauty industry, our V-Bright PRO® Online training will teach you the basics to the advanced lessons you need to become a successful V-Bright PRO® practitioner. 

As a V-Bright Pro® student, you’ll get the same best quality of training from the in-person trainings. You’ll also get Unlimited Lifetime Support and FREE Marketing tools from Irina Wynn and our team of Master Trainers – which clearly makes the V-Bright Pro® Online Training better than other trainings like the plasma fibroblast training.

V-Bright PRO® is the skin-safe approach to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with minimal pain.

  • It has minimal risk with very little down time
  • It is a non-surgical treatment with surgical type results, especially the eyelid areas
  • It provides better results in 1-4 treatments done once every 4-6 weeks
  • It improves fine lines, wrinkles, laxity (mild) of skin lower face, upper neck, abdomen
  • It improves the appearance of stretch marks, POC scars, post-surgical scars
  • Remember: It is not a replacement for surgery in those with severe laxity and photo damaged skin 

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The V-Bright Pro® is different from the Plasma Fibroblast procedure because of it’s skin-safe approach. The Plasma Fibroblast treatment is an alternative to invasive surgical cosmetic procedures and can be damaging to the skin. On the contrary, the V-Bright PRO® procedure is a non-invasive surgical treatment with lesser trauma to the skin, minimal risk and with very little down time.

What You’ll Learn in a V-Bright Pro® Online Training

  • Learn our tried-and-tested, professional V-Bright PRO® Method
  • Learn the technique through live video demonstrations
  • Learn the science of skin and skin care
  • Learn the business of getting and keeping satisfied clients
  • Learn all you need to know to start working as a V-Bright PRO® Technician
  • Lots of activity and homework to perfect your skills
  • Earn your V-Bright PRO® Certification

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We can’t wait for YOU to be the next V-Bright Pro® success story! Surely, you soon will be the BEST ANTI-AGING TECHNICIAN in town!

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