Learn Microblading Online During This Uncertain Time

Microblading has become one of the most profitable services in the Semi-permanent Makeup industry. Due to it’s craze, many beauty enthusiasts seek to learn this most sought-after procedure. Aspiring Microblading Technicians search for Microblading courses to help round out their skill set and start (or improve) their experience. 

The most common type of training offered for Microblading is Live Workshops or In-person trainings. Moreover, Microblading live workshops can be very expensive. With all of these roadblocks, aspiring technicians might just give up and procrastinate on getting trained and certified. 

The good news is: Microblading can be learned online. A lot of skills can actually be learned virtually these days. Millennials are known to venture in enrolling in online courses to improve any skill they want, just name it. Some online courses come with a price, some are very cheap, and some are even free. Online courses are more convenient and cheaper than the traditional way of education. 

Another good news is: World Microblading is offering a full intensive online microblading training for those who want to take advantage of this uncertain time and add or upgrade their skills. World Microblading is a reputable organization, known to provide the best and succinct live training all across the globe. 

Here’s what the Microblading Online Intensive Training features:

Getting Started

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to World Microblading: Microblading and the World Microblading Dual Blade Method®
  • Lesson 2: Procedure Expectations: What does the procedure consist of? Who is an ideal candidate? Customer consent & consultation.

Tools and Equipment Setup

  • Lesson 3: Microblading Tools and Products Presentation
  • Lesson 4: Tools & Setup Demo – Proper work area set-up
  • Lesson 5: Tools & Setup: Types of blades. Proper setup of the work area

Fundamentals of Microblading

  • Lesson 6: Color Theory – Pigments presentation
  • Lesson 7: Fitzpatrick Scale Presentation
  • Lesson 8: Skin Undertones Presentation Warm, Cool or Neutral undertones Practice exercises
  • Lesson 9: Color Theory with Fitzpatrick Scale Healing tones, colors and pigments
  • Lesson 10: How to achieve the perfect shape / The 5 Point Technique
  • Lesson 11: Practice on paper & video demonstrations – Shaping practice on the human face, undesired shape corrections
  • Lesson 12: Presentation – Common hair patterns and the correct stroke placement. Practice in exercise book.

Health & Safety

  • Lesson 13: Health & Safety Regulations: Maintaining sterile, uncontaminated working conditions
  • Homework Part 1
  • Homework Part 2

Procedure Demonstrations

  • Lesson 14: Video Demo: Step-by-step of Full Microblading Procedure and Q&A session
  • Lesson 15: Live Latex Demo by Trainer Step 1 – Follow the pattern from step 1, correct hand tool position and step-by-step instructions
  • Lesson 16: Live Latex Demo by Trainer Step 1 – Step-by-step stroke placement, correct hand tool position, etc.
  • Homework Part 3

Aftercare and Healing

  • Lesson 17: Skin Anatomy, Medical and General Contraindications, Skin Conditions
  • Lesson 18: Aftercare: The healing process & healing stages, step-by-step touch ups
  • Lesson 19: Long term aftercare & yearly color refresher
  • Lesson 20: Live Demo: Step-by-step of the Full Microblading Procedure by Trainer and Q&A session
  • Homework Part 4

Soft Blending, Soft Ombre Techniques and Tattoo Removal

  • Lesson 21: Soft Ombre Technique with hand tools: Video presentation of step-by-step procedure
  • Lesson 22: Latex Demo by Trainer
  • Homework Part 5
  • Lesson 23: Soft Blending: How to achieve the soft effect with strokes and shading. Practice in exercise book. Compact effect vs. Soft shading.
  • Homework Part 6
  • Lesson 24: Tattoo Cover-Up: Old tattoo cover up, possible corrections, & how to neutralize unwanted colors
  • Homework Part 7
  • Lesson 25: Introduction to Saline Removal: Theory, step-by-step procedure, healing stages, aftercare
  • Lesson 26: Live Demo: Saline Removal

How to enroll for Microblading Online Intensive Training?

It’s simple – register here: www.learnmicrobladingonline.com.

Once you sign-up for a training, you’ll also get a professional starter kit to accompany you through your training. The starter kit includes:

  • Microblading Tools: Brow Master® 2 – 10 Pack
  • Microblading Supplies: 1 pencil, 1 box of 20 sticky rulers, 10 rings, 2 Shaping Corrector Soft sticks
  • Pigments: 1 Pigment Set (Small) 5 x 3ml
  • Creams and Serums: 1 Bye Bye Pain 10g, 1 Aftercare Box -10 Pack
  • Aids to Practice: 4 Latex Sheets
  • Training Instructions with Online Access Code: Work 1-to-1 with a World Microblading Certified
  • Theory book with the entire microblading process steps
  • Instructor. Get individual guidance as you learn!
  • Lifetime Support from World Microblading with access to our private online community.
  • Bonus: Pass all training milestones and become fully certified, just as if you attended our in-person classes, all from the comfort of your own home.

Start your microblading career path. Be productive. Be efficient. No crisis should stop you from advancing your skills and career.

To sign-up for a Microblading Online Class, visit www.learnmicrobladingonline.com.

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