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Karen Fisher’s Story

“My name is Karen Fisher and I’m a domestic violence survivor after 6 long years with my abuser. Many years ago, I hoped that we would be a family but I was wrong. Over time he isolated me from my family and friends until I had nothing but him.

Every day of my life was like walking on egg shells. I was terrified of saying the wrong thing. He would explode at the smallest things. Breaking our belongings and threatening me until I beg him to stop. One day he held me at knife point in our living room while I was pregnant with my son and holding my 1-year old daughter in my arms. During different assaults, he broke my ear drum, my teeth, left bruises on me, threatened to disfigure my face so that no other man will love me and strangled me until blood vessels burst in my face.

I was a prisoner in my own home but prayed and held on to my faith that one day I would have the courage to escape. The final time he strangled me was on a Friday, I remember laying on the floor as he sat on top of me, I looked out the window at the night sky and wondered if I would ever see another sun rise and I wondered what would happen to my children. He took my phone and didn’t let me out of his sight until Monday when I needed to go back to my low paying job to support him. I was always too scared to go to the police but this time I knew I may not have a chance next time and they put him in prison for what he had done. I had no money to pay rent in that apartment so I packed up any belongings I could fit in my truck along with my children. We have since been living with my disabled father so that I can care for him (he has advanced Primary Lateral Sclerosis and cannot walk or remember much).

The mobile home is too small so we sleep in the living room. Before this relationship, I was an Aviation student. I was going to work in Air Traffic Control but my abuser didn’t want me to have success and stole it from me, telling me I was selfish for wanting to attend school. There is nothing I want more in life than to give my children a better chance in life than I had. My father can barely pay for his prescription medication and cannot afford a ramp to get out of his house by himself (he’s in a wheelchair). I would feel so blessed with this opportunity to become a real provider for my family. We really need help. I have been following your page and watching the students in Microblading pages on Facebook hoping that one day I will have the money for training but my job does not pay enough for me to save. I know there are so many women that need help and I am so happy that you would give this chance to any one of us. I pray that you will consider my family and I because I would take this opportunity seriously. I would study so hard and fight for a career in Microblading. Thank you so much for listening to my story.”

Thank you,

Karen Fisher & Family