Is a Private 1-on-1 Microblading Training worth it?

You may notice how important eyebrows are in the beauty industry. Eyebrow shaping does not only complete your makeup look but it has given women independence and confidence to do what they want to do.

Are you qualified for a Microblading career? – DEFINITELY YES!

Most beauty schools require at least certificates or experience to be able to work in the beauty industry. Fret not as we don’t require you to have any experience or previous certificates. 

Microblading is a career anyone can learn as long as you have the passion to succeed and willingness to get trained by the #1 and most trusted Microblading Academy in America, World Microblading. What is important is your willingness and passion to jumpstart into Microblading as your career. Irina Wynn, the CEO and Founder of the company has pioneered Microblading over the last decade by creating the perfect eyebrows for all women to boost their confidence and self-esteem.  With all the short courses and workshops available out there, you can ensure that 1-on-1 Microblading training provides you the best quality education.


So many debts to pay? Not much savings? No money? It’s kind of a depressing reality and a little bit discouraging. 

Do you want to get rid of debt for good? Desperate to escape the usual 9 to 5 hours a day of work? Saving for your travel? Building a family?

We’re here to help you achieve all these goals! Take a deep breath. This training is a valuable step in the right direction. Because you deserve to achieve financial freedom.

This is your chance to enhance your life and the lives of many! World Microblading has launched the 1-on-1 Microblading Training, an experience you can only find here. This private training aims to help students become one of the most-sought-after Microblading technicians and train them on the most basic to the most crucial details about Microblading.

World Microblading’s Intensive Private Microblading Class is a three-day, intensive training course that includes everything from an introduction into microblading and powder (Soft Shading) together with Saline Removal theory, to in-depth color theory, to practicing on four live models at our studios across US.

It’s time to invest in yourself. It is important to be professional with all your clients and students as the benefit of having a 1-on-1 Microblading Training can help you achieve much better results. It’s definitely worth trying as we offer a unique one-on-one experience you won’t find in any other Microblading company. If you can not find a Microblading class within or near your area, you do not have to worry anymore as trainers can travel into your own place to teach you one-on-one! That is the charm of having one-on-one training! It’s the perfect answer to women who want to start this career but are worrying about the availability of the classes. Definitely worth the try, right?

Why learn Microblading? 

All women love to shape their brows for any occasion whether they’ll be attending a wedding or just going out for a grocery. Learning the perfect brow shape is something anyone can learn. With proper training, you’ll easily and confidently draw those beautiful brows. Remember, you are not just learning how to draw those perfect brows, but you are also changing their lives! 

What does a Private Microblading Training offers? 

  • FREE Professional Microblading Starter Kit 
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 
  • Lifetime Certification  
  • Lifetime Online Support 
  • Free Business Strategy Roadmap 
  • Fully Licensed And Certified Instructors 
  • Opportunity To Increase Your Income By Up To 10 Times 
  • In-depth Coverage Of Every Step Of The Procedure 
  • Discounts On All Products 
  • Lifetime Of Continuous Training 
  • Access To Our Private Community
  • Lifetime Support And Daily Communication With/Guidance From Instructor After Training

So, are you feeling excited? There’s more you need to know! You will not only be a Master of Microblading but you will also be a Master of your own business as  you will be mentored by Irina Wynn herself. We all wanted to look good. And imagine yourself making your clients look good and feel good about themselves! It is truly a fulfillment to be able to experience the joy of shaping the perfect brows and that magical moment when you know that your clients are happy and satisfied. It will make you feel good and a spot in your heart will be filled with happiness and joy. Definitely worth trying and worth living for!


So, are you ready for a new job? Want to launch your career in the beauty industry?

Challenge yourself to become the best version of yourself. Take this opportunity to learn Microblading techniques and get ready for another stage in your career. This beauty industry is filled with many chances to meet and work with amazing, talented and fascinating people. 
This is now where your journey begins. Learn new things and take what you’ve learned to start your own business. Learn more about the one-on-one Microblading class at NO COST at all. Register for a free training here.

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