How you can earn a six-figure income through a Private Microblading Class

With all this Microblading hype, I’m sure we all are convinced that turning this skill into a career/business will certainly bring you tons and tons of dollars!

A single Microblading session can range between $200 to $400 (some even offer it up to $2000) in just 2 hours a day. This just shows how significantly a Microblading Technician’s earnings can be for a normal day’s work. What if you don’t want to work on normal days only? I bet that would make you more wealthy. 


There is also no expensive equipment or advanced technology needed to do this work. It just takes some good training and professional supplies from the best Microblading schools just like our very own, World Microblading. While our Microblading Live Workshops are good options, our Microblading Private Classes offer a unique 1-on-1 experience you won’t be able to find in any other microblading schools. To become one of the most sought-after technicians, invest in yourself and search for a school that will touch on the most basic and most crucial details about Microblading (skin structures, proper application, tool sterilization, aftercare, touch up, and more) and can do private trainings!

The average Microblading service is considered the highest dollar beauty service in the Permanent Makeup Industry. By doing 1-2 clients a day, that’s $16,000 in monthly revenue, minus the disposable tools (20 x $25), leaving profits of $15,500 per month before overheads and taxes. 

What’s nice about being a Microblading Technician is that you can make it a full-time career or even just a side hustle. Either way, you’ll earn so much that you might not need to have a 9-5 job. You might be a stay at home mom and are looking for an extra income or a college student searching for ways to support your studies. Look no further and venture into this career and go for a unique class – our Private Microblading Class. Being a Microblading Technician doesn’t need previous experience. The skill can be taught, can be learned, and can be mastered by anyone. If you are aiming for a better life, this might be the answer to your pursuit. 

To learn more about the private microblading class, check out our website and register here.

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