How To Get Your Microblading Business Pay For Your Bills (BONUS: Get Your First 50 Microblading Customers)

The 3rd training is up!

Microblading Course Secrets (PART 3): How To Get Your Microblading Business Pay For Your Bills will be a deeper dive into the world of Microblading from the step-by-step procedure to a day in the life of a Microblading Artist. I will cover a series of topics on:

  • How a Microblading procedure looks like
  • The difference of an in-person 3-day class, 5-day class, 1-on-1 class, and online training
  • Learning Microblading online
  • What is the Dual Blade Method
  • Step-by-step real-life of a Microblading Technician
  • Setting up Microblading tools and equipment
  • A comprehensive guide on Microblading tools
  • Identifying the most recommended Microblading supplies
  • Color theory and pigments
  • Fitzpatrick scale presentation
  • How to achieve the perfect shape
  • What is the 5-point technique
  • Brow mapping
  • Shaping corrections
  • After-care instructions
  • Microblading healing process

This training will be lecture-oriented. You’ll get off the training filled and equipped with knowledge on the beauty industry – especially Microblading. 

Studies at Cornell University indicate that most people forget roughly 85% of what they hear during a lecture within two weeks. Your own life experience probably bears this out. The things you best remember are the things you experienced. Active participation ensures that you receive maximum value during the session and long afterwards. So, I hope you will help me turn this free training to be fun, active and insightful learning experience.

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During this 3rd training, you will:

  • Have a structured experience: I will walk you through different situations and will show you several testimonials from our students.
  • Have some time for digestion and inward reflection: “What insights did I have about myself and the training experience and how can I use this knowledge to be ready for the next steps?” 
  • Have an opportunity to share insights, ideas and points-of-view: Sharing will through the chat box.
  • Participate in the discussion even after the training. We will keep you in the loop on important updates, promotions, career opportunities etc.
  • Make personal commitments with actionsteps, to ensure you practice the learning you gained.

To join the free training, sign-up here today. For more information, visit our official page at www.worldmicroblading.com.

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