How to get customers with your Microblading business

Now that you’ve completed your microblading training and are officially certified, the big challenge begins. Getting customers or maintaining existing clients can take a lot of hard work and determination. To help you with this ultimate change, here are some tips and tricks to get customers in your business:

  • Create a website for your portfolio
    To attract the interest of people about microblading, you should start with good education. You have to inform your potential clients about the 5Ws (Who, What, When, Where & Why) and H (How) of anything microblading. Remember, curiosity is the lust of the mind. There are quite a few who don’t even understand what microblading is so provide the basics and some advanced information in your portfolio. Make sure to include before and after photos, videos, and client testimonials to help your potential clients understand better.

    For beginners, you can create a website using Wix or WordPress. There are many choices out there. You just have to check out which one suits you the best.
  • Offer discounts on services
    You can get clients by letting them know of your regular price and slashing it off for a discount. For the first few days/weeks, you can also offer microblading services for free to help build your portfolio.
  • Ask for reviews from your clients
    Many people rely on reviews to see how good your work is. So, be good at what you do. When you do great work, clients will be more than willing to provide you reviews in Google or Yelp. Remember not to get pushy when asking for reviews, they need to do it out of their own liking.
  • Set up a Business Facebook page and Instagram account
    The two most popular social media platforms are the best gateway to attract more clients. You can specifically target clients who live in your local area or build a solid following of people who are passionate and interested about microblading. Don’t forget to add hashtags!
  • Spend Money On Advertising/Marketing
    If you’ve read Irina Wynn’s The Art of Microblading book, she emphasized the importance of investing in advertising/marketing. You need to go for paid advertising to increase your clientele. Get sponsored ads on Facebook or Instagram and invest in Google rankings. If you want to appear on top of Google results, you need to invest your money on it. To know more about this, you can check out the book!

All of these are the key steps to growing your clientele. Make sure that you stay focused on your goal and practice, practice, practice! Nothing beats good quality of services. Eventually, the word of mouth strategy can get you at the top. To know more about the microblading business, visit World Microblading here.

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