How to get certified as a Permanent Makeup Artist

Learning and mastering the art of Permanent Makeup is an absolute must if you want to be successful in the beauty industry. However, not everyone gets the opportunity to learn it as much as they want to. Not everyone can learn it whenever and wherever they can. Not all classes are accessible. Not everyone is available either. Of course, everybody’s busy attending to their daily lives: working that 9-5 job, mommy duties, business travels, important errands, and a whole lot more reasons. And no matter how much you want to invest in getting and perfecting the skill of Permanent Makeup, you just can’t – because of TIME, LOCATION, and even MONEY. Most classes take 2 days, 3 days, 5 days, or more. They are usually conducted on consecutive days, running through the weekdays. There is also a higher chance that traveling to a certain location is needed to attend the classes. And it’s no secret that Permanent Makeup classes can be expensive. With all of these roadblocks, aspiring Permanent Makeup Artists might just give up and procrastinate on getting trained and certified. 

The good news is Permanent Makeup can be learned online. A lot of skills can actually be learned virtually these days. Millennials are known to venture in enrolling in online courses to improve any skill they want, just name it. Some online courses come with a price, some are very cheap, and some are even free. Online courses are more convenient and cheaper than the traditional way of education. 

Some advantages of online education are:

  • Flexibility. Students have the freedom to juggle their careers and businesses.
  • Reduced Costs. Online education costs less. You only need to make sure you have a stable internet connection at home and a quiet environment for conducive learning. 
  • Mobility. Learning online gives you the ability to move freely. It doesn’t matter whether you are sitting on a desk or in a cabana.
  • Pacing. The speed of learning depends on you. You can either take it slowly but surely or traverse it quickly.

World Microblading proudly offers a FULL PERMANENT MAKEUP INTENSIVE TRAINING which can be accessed online. Here’s the complete course details:

Ombré Eyebrows Training

  • Introduction to World Microblading
  • Procedure Expectations: What does the procedure consist of? Who is an ideal candidate?
  • Ombré Eyebrows Tools and Products Presentation
  • Tools & Setup Demo – Proper work area set-up
  • Tools & Setup: Types of blades. Proper setup of the work area
  • Color Theory – Pigments presentation
  • Fitzpatrick Scale Presentation
  • Skin Undertones Presentation Warm, Cool or Neutral undertones Practice exercises
  • Color Theory with Fitzpatrick Scale Healing tones, colors and pigments
  • How to achieve the perfect shape / The 5 Point Technique
  • Practice on paper & video demonstrations – Shaping practice on the human face, undesired shape corrections
  • Presentation – Common hair patterns and the correct stroke placement. Practice in exercise book.
  • Health & Safety Regulations: Maintaining sterile, uncontaminated working conditions
  • Video Demo: Step-by-step of Full Ombré Eyebrows Procedure and Q&A session
  • Live Latex Demo by Trainer Step 1 – Follow the pattern from step 1, correct hand tool position and step-by-step instructions
  • Live Latex Demo by Trainer Step 1 – Step-by-step stroke placement, correct hand tool position, etc.
  • Skin Anatomy, Medical and General Contraindications, Skin Conditions
  • Aftercare: The healing process & healing stages, step-by-step touch ups
  • Long term aftercare & yearly color refresher
  • Live Demo: Step-by-step of the Full Ombré Eyebrows Procedure by Trainer and Q&A session
  • Soft Ombre Technique with hand tools: Video presentation of step-by-step procedure
  • Latex Demo by Trainer
  • Soft Shading: How to achieve the soft effect with strokes and shading. Practice in exercise book. Compact effect vs. Soft shading.
  • Tattoo Cover-Up: Old tattoo cover up, possible corrections, & how to neutralize unwanted colors
  • Introduction to Saline Removal: Theory, step-by-step procedure, healing stages, aftercare
  • Live Demo: Saline Removal

Candy Lips & Forever Eyeliner Intensive Training

  • Introduction to World Microblading: What is Permanent Makeup
  • Procedure Expectations: What does the procedure consist of? Who are the ideal candidates for the lip and eyeliner procedure?
  • Health, Safety & Regulation: Maintaining sterile, uncontaminated working conditions
  • Skin Anatomy: Medical contraindications / Skin Condition / Issues which prohibit the procedure
  • Tools of the Trade: Hand tools and needle configurations
  • Line Contour: How to Draw the Perfect Lips
  • Line Contour: How to Draw the Perfect Eyeliner
  • Live Demo by Trainer – Lips Drawing
  • Live Demo by Trainer – Eyeliner Drawing
  • Practice on Lips Drawing
  • Practice on Eyeliner Drawing
  • Latex Practice
  • Homework Check & Correction
  • Trainer Live Demonstration with Model: Step-by-step full lips tattoo
  • Trainer Live Demonstration with Model: Step-by-step full eyeliner tattoo
  • Room Setup and Equipment: Learn how to set up the room and equipment correctly prior to working on live models
  • Colour Theory: Understanding skin undertones and different eye shapes
  • Q&A Session and Aftercare Instructions

If you sign-up today, you’ll receive a professional Permanent Makeup Starter Kit (valued at $4,000) that will last you way beyond your class. So, don’t worry about replenishing your product for the first month!

The Permanent Makeup Device (great for Ombré brows, lips, eyebrows and lips tattoo) is specifically created to be used in permanent make-up procedures. The machine is designed for the face and if used correctly can produce soft and natural results.

The Art Pigments Line of selective inorganic & organic colorants is creamy in texture with minimal drying properties which make them ideal for eyebrow microstroking procedures. This line is designed for the cosmetic tattoo artist who has experience in the micro-stroking technique, as well as experience working with organic and inorganic pigments. The Art Pigments line includes 5 pre-neutralized pigments. Say BYE – BYE to warmers. This line offers selective inorganic and organic colorants as a base and greatly increased concentration levels that will result in consistent, long-lasting color. 

World Microblading is here to help and train you to become a successful Certified Permanent Makeup Artist. Sign-up for a FULL PERMANENT MAKEUP INTENSIVE TRAINING (ONLINE) now.

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