Microblading Academy

How to Find a Top Microblading Academy

Are you looking for a top microblading academy? Want to learn the top paying skill in the beauty industry? Want to be part of a trend that is on fire right now, and learn a technique that will be useful – and profitable – for decades to come?

If you intend to become a microblading artist, you should be carefully researching. Not every organization that claims to be a microblading academy can truly prepare you to be a successful microblading artist.

So just what is microblading, and what should you know about choosing a microblading academy?

The Art of Microblading

Microblading is a high-level skill that is similar to tattooing, but with pigment inserted less deeply into the skin, so the results are semi-permanent, rather than permanent. A top microblading academy offers thorough training based on an established technique by a recognized microblading artist. Training includes color theory, skin tones and undertones, and brow and facial shapes.

But, good training from a reputable microblading academy includes more because, to be successful, the microblading artist must understand what to do before the procedure, how to manage clients during the procedure, all about health and safety, and how to advise their clients regarding proper aftercare to promote healing.

Beyond that, the successful microblading artist will need to be able to grow her or his business, building a clientele through marketing strategies and business management. Microblading can be a highly rewarding career, but only with the right approach. Your journey to becoming a microblading artist starts with choosing a great microblading academy.

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Choosing a Great Microblading Academy

A true microblading academy offers training and support in every aspect of the microblading artist’s success. Often, the academy will offer several tiers of training, including a course for basic technique, a course for more intensive or advanced technique and a course about the business and marketing side of microblading. These courses are typically short, lasting only a few days, but they are packed with information, learning and practice. And, the learning process does not stop there.

Once academy training is complete, you will probably become certified, but there is still practice and ongoing learning. The microblading artist perfects skills only by working with real people. And, an important part of building a clientele is building a portfolio of before and after pictures.

  • A high-quality microblading academy recognizes the need for ongoing learning and is there to support its students, even after they complete training. A dedicated support team is a very strong sign that the academy is legitimate, not just there to take your money and run.
  • Another sign of a good microblading academy is whether they offer online shopping for tools and supplies. You don’t want to invest in training, only to find out that you can’t perform the procedures you learned because you can’t get the right tools or supplies. It is very important to verify that you will be able to get what you need, even after your training.
  • Last but not least, what do other people say about the microblading academy? Are there positive reviews? Can you see testimonials from people who actually took training from the academy? In today’s online world, this kind of “word of mouth” is your best guarantee that the academy does a good job.

Of course, if you need an actual guarantee, you should be able to get this too. A microblading academy that is sure of its trainers and teaching method should have confidence and be able to offer you a guarantee in the form of an option to repeat training if you don’t feel that you learned everything you need to know.

Microblading is very rewarding – do your homework, choose your microblading academy carefully, and before you know it, you’ll be on your way to a satisfying and rewarding career!

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