How to double your income by learning Microblading

The holidays are coming and some of you might still be worried about how to pay monthly dues aside from thinking what Christmas presents to buy! Now, you’re working longer hours just to make ends meet. Scratch those thoughts away as we know how you can best double your income in just a few months time. You can now free yourself from those worries if you join the bandwagon and learn the highest paying career in the beauty industry – Microblading! Make your work less time consuming, be supported by our team of master trainers and alumni plus learn a valuable skill set to launch your own business.

What’s good about this latest semi-permanent makeup procedure is that there is no experience needed. You don’t need to be a pro to learn the skill. You only need to get trained and certified from a reputable organization – just like World Microblading. 

Eyebrow Microblading Certification

What You Should Do Now

  • Find a reputable Microblading training school such as World Microblading, which also offers a variety of training options. This way you are confident that they are experts in their craft – whether it be in a live, online or private class. You know that they have proven their method in providing the best Microblading education.
  • Make sure that the instructors who will moderate the training are fully licensed and certified.
  • Check if the training gives you a certification
  • Verify if there will be online support right after the training
  • Ensure that you will be given continuous training 
  • Counter check the module. Make sure that it is an in-depth curriculum and offers intensive learning.
  • Check what the graduates have to say. Check the reviews.

As the #1 Microblading Academy in America, World Microblading offers 3 options for any aspiring beauty artists to choose from:

  1. Live Workshops: This is the most-recommended learning plan as nothing beats in-person training – choose from a 3-day or 5-day class. You’ll get to practice live with a certified trainer with a professional kit. You’ll get to interact with like-minded individuals and you’ll also get to widen your network!
  2. Online Training: This is a guided online bootcamp – we go through the class together! 100x more fun (and you’re more accountable). Plus, you get to learn and take the class at your own pace and in the comfort of your home. You’ll get the online training by purchasing a starter kit.
  3. Private Training: The most recent offer we have at World Microblading. It is a 3-day intensive training course that includes everything from the basics of Microblading, Soft Shading plus Saline Removal theory, in-depth color theory, to practicing on 4 live models in a 1-on-1 session with one of our master trainers.
Eyebrow Microblading Practics

To help aspiring Microblading Technicians learn more about the Microblading arena, my team and I launched a free workshop on How to Skyrocket Your Microblading Journey. It’s a full hour of valuable content on how to achieve a double income through Microblading and other important topics such as:

  • How to choose a name for your company, purchase a domain, and how to set up a generic LLC for future business opportunities
  • What equipment to invest in and upgrade for the best quality of Social Media Marketing
  • How to land and impress your first client
  • How to grow an engaged audience for your business on social media using free videos
  • How to tell engaging and attractive stories that gain followers on social media to make your business interesting
  • How to set up social media and email marketing funnels for your business, so you can collect leads, and monetize them over time for increased value
  • How to negotiate with customers in a language they will respond to efficiently
  • How to find clients that will create a steady cash flow, and convince them to pay you for your valuable services
  • What is the best way to track the money that’s been generated for your business
  • How to create social media content that people will like, share, and comment on
  • How to apply your valuable skill set for you to own your business, so you can free yourself from the cost of outsourcing content creation and marketing
  • How to create your scalable part- or full-time business
  • How to make your work less time-consuming, so you can focus on traveling the world and living your life, by taking advantage of automating your Social Media Marketing
  • How to venture into a business without professional experience (with the right forms, legal documents, and how-to instructions)
  • How you’ll feel supported through the process by our private Facebook group, for program members only!


As more and more beauticians get interested in Microblading, doubling your income is no doubt! People are eager to pay to fuller and natural-looking eyebrows! This career will open more opportunities for you. You will be surprised how much people can be interested in Microblading from your own network. Invest your money for that ability to perfect eyebrows and improve the lives of women! Be inspired and be an inspiration to aspiring Microblading artists!

Be part of the growing Microblading family. Join the free workshop here.

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