How to create a reward program for your customers

Reward programs are one of the most efficient strategies to increase income and inspire loyalty from customers. A good program can produce significant gains for your microblading business.

Do you want to boost customer loyalty and increase revenue? These reward programs tactics might help you!

1. Create a loyalty-based reward
Craft a point-system program that is exclusive for your loyal customers. This way customers that have availed of microblading procedures, second touch-ups, and other offerings will be rewarded through discounts or exclusive offers. Your customers will certainly feel important thus, they will continue to patronize your business’ offerings.

2. Referrals
Simple yet very rewarding! Your existing customer can help you expand your clientele. Word-of-mouth and friends’ referrals are one of the most effective marketing strategies. Tell your client to refer their family and friends in exchange for a free second touch-up or a 10% discount for Ombré brows. Rewarding existing customers through discounts or free services by bringing a friend not only improves your client database but also encourages them to continuously avail of your services.

3. VIP Program
Everybody wants to be treated as a VIP! Additional perks for top customers will entice them to continue availing of your services. VIP members can get exclusive products and personalized recommendations. A customer in a VIP program will be able to get first dibs on special discounts you will offer.

4. Buy 3, Get 1 free
The most tempting of all! When a customer tags along with his/her friends, this is a great reward. This also encourages your customers to tell the world of your services. No sweat, right? You can customize this program as you pleased. You can make it Buy 1 Get 1 or Buy 2 Get 3 – it’s up to you!

Customer loyalty and participation is undoubtedly your business’ strongest asset. You should plan crucially and make sure that you monitor your clientele. These are just some of the strategies you can use to jumpstart your microblading business. Try it!

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